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Homestay in Queenstown

Language School in Queenstown helps to arrange quality homestay for students. Experience New Zealand culture with a local family in Queenstown. When you stay with a New Zealand family you become part of that family. This means you have fun together, do things together and co-operate with each other. Also it means to be considerate. If you will be home late for any reason it is important to telephone your family and tell them. If you don't, they will worry. If you don't need a meal at any time, please tell your homestay family in advance.

Homestay in QueenstownHomestay includes breakfast and dinner Monday to Friday and all meals at the weekends. Students get own room, area to study, and adequate heating. Some of the benefits of staying in homestay:

  • Practice English with your friendly homestay family in Queenstown
  • Learn about New Zealand culture
  • Breakfast and dinner provided Monday to Friday, three meals a day on weekends
  • Laundry included
  • Free airport pickup
  • Student support from experienced Homestay Co-ordinator

Student Apartments in Queenstown

Student Apartment in QueenstownStudent Apartment accommodation is offered to our students who prefer independent living. Student Apartments are a great place to make international friends, continue your English practice and enjoy life. Rooms are on a single, twin and triple share basis. Where possible students from different cultures are placed together so that they have the opportunity to speak English.

The apartment is limited to students over the age of 18.

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