Spanish Courses for Seniors in Cuernavaca

Our Spanish Courses for Seniors at our Residential Spanish school in Cuernavaca is a program designed for people, 60 and over, who no longer have a full-time occupation.

We offer 3 individual and duo Senior programs:

  • Program A (Saturday - Sunday, 2-day program)

  • Program B (Monday - Friday, 5-day program)

  • Program C (Sunday - Saturday, 7-day program)

Optional Modules

The modules offer you the possibility to personalize your Spanish Immersion with some unique experiences. All modules are offered in the company of Spanish instructors, so exposure to the Spanish language with professional support is guaranteed.

  • Culture Module:
    In the morning, you will have individualized Spanish lessons, while in the afternoon you will be able to choose from 14 cultural programs which will allow you to discover Central Mexico.

  • Gastronomic Module:
    Depending on the day, we will take you to the most authentic places to eat in and around Cuernavaca. Have lunch at the Mercado Lopez Mateo, where traditional dishes are cooked with ingredients from the market, or at Casa Rivera, where they serve typical Mexican dishes with a sophisticated twist. We will also visit El Barco, where you will be able to choose from several types of Pozoles, a traditional stew from Mexico.

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Spanish Language Courses in Cuernavaca MexicoOur Spanish language school in Cuernavaca, Mexico, provides personal attention and a customized experience for every student. We offer complete Spanish immersion. During your stay, you will not only learn Spanish - you will "live" in Spanish 24 hours a day. This guarantees you a maximum return of investment in time for your language training.

We adapt the Spanish language course to your needs, with learning material and a training program that you specify by setting your language learning goals. Please review and select one of the following courses.

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