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The program is specifically designed to train a group of three to six people from one company or organization. Your organization and our school will design a linguistic program that fulfills your needs (medical, diplomatic, technical, tourist vocabulary, etc.). It features activities that allow the participants to use their newly acquired language abilities in their own field. The program combines individual training and small classes with cultural activities.

For more insights, read about the tailor-made program for the Scottsdale Police Department:

In order to save on expensive professional translation services and serve the community better, the Scottsdale Police Department designed a plan to certify the Spanish-speaking skills of a team of police officers and asked us for help.

In close collaboration with them, the school designed a 1-week (7-day) program for a group of 10 officers, combining Spanish language training with some tourist activities on the weekend... And of course, with good food :-)

Besides designing the course, we also took care of all the logistics; from arrival at the airport until departure, the officers did not have to worry about anything, except enjoying their course!

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Spanish Language Courses in Cuernavaca MexicoOur Spanish language school in Cuernavaca, Mexico, provides personal attention and a customized experience for every student. We offer complete Spanish immersion. During your stay, you will not only learn Spanish - you will "live" in Spanish 24 hours a day. This guarantees you a maximum return of investment in time for your language training.

We adapt the Spanish language course to your needs, with learning material and a training program that you specify by setting your language learning goals. Please review and select one of the following courses.

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