DELE Preparation Program in Cuernavaca

The Individual Program can also prepare you for the DELE exam at no additional cost. DELE diplomas (Diplomas in Spanish as a Foreign Language) are official diplomas, issued by the Spanish Ministry of Education and are recognized in the US and worldwide by private companies, governments and universities.

Spanish Language Courses in Cuernavaca MexicoOur school offers DELE preparatory courses for the three DELE exams. This course helps you to revise, test and improve your knowledge of grammar, very important if you want to pass the DELE exam.

The course can also be geared to examination dates. If you want to take the exam in Mexico, we will help you with the registration process and accompany you to the examination center so that you can concentrate on the exam without having to worry about anything else.

The DELE preparatory course only prepares you for the exam! A minimum level of Spanish is required to take course: if you are an absolute beginner, it will take approximately 2 to 3 weeks attending our individual program to attain a sufficient level to prepare you for the D.B.E. (beginners-intermediate) DELE exam. Preparation for the D.S.E. (advanced) DELE exam requires a proficiency level that will take at least 4 to 5 weeks to attain, if you start as an absolute beginner.

The DELE preparatory course can be incorporated in the regular Individual program at no additional cost, except for the registration and examination fees charged by the DELE exam authorities (approximately USD 150).

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Spanish Language Courses in Cuernavaca MexicoOur Spanish language school in Cuernavaca, Mexico, provides personal attention and a customized experience for every student. We offer complete Spanish immersion. During your stay, you will not only learn Spanish - you will "live" in Spanish 24 hours a day. This guarantees you a maximum return of investment in time for your language training.

We adapt the Spanish language course to your needs, with learning material and a training program that you specify by setting your language learning goals. Please review and select one of the following courses.

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