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Our English Language School in Malta is situated in the city of Valetta, the cultural and commercial capital of Malta and a World Heritage Site.

Learning English in Malta means far more than just English language training - you will experience one of the most beautiful islands in the world at the crossroads of the Mediterranean, where English is one of the two official languages. Malta has a long history of English teaching and boasts a large and lively professional English teaching community trained to international standards.

At our English Language School in Malta we place great emphasis on ascertaining and responding to your individual needs as learners of English. On arrival at school you will be asked to sit a placement test, given an interview and asked to fill in a detailed needs analysis questionnaire and your course programme will then be planned accordingly.

English Language CoursesMalta is a right place to learn English. Malta's mild winters and guaranteed summer sunshine make the island a popular destination for language learners and holidaymakers alike. Malta's beaches, miles of coastline and clear blue seas are an obvious attraction for sun-lovers and water sports enthusiasts. But Malta also offers a particularly rich and varied historical and cultural heritage encompassing 6,000 years of civilization. Here you can find prehistoric temples dating back to times before the building of the pyramids in Egypt and the city of Valletta, a UNESCO World Heritage site, bears witness to the architectural genius of the Knights of St John in the 16th century.

At our English Language School in Valletta, Malta, we want you to learn as much as you can during your stay with us. Our methodology is based on the communicative, task-based approach, which gives you the opportunity to practise and use your English in situations similar to the ones you will encounter in real life.

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English Language Courses We aim to take full advantage of our wonderful location to extend your English learning experience out of the classroom and into the city itself. In addition to the normal, classroom-based course timetable students are also offered the opportunity to participate in other aspects of the social and cultural life of the islands. Valletta is a small city and all of its places of interest are within easy walking distance of the school. We see our city as a unique and accessible language-learning resource as well as providing a central location from which to explore the islands' many other attractions.

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