General Japanese Class Lessons

This is the most suitable course for foreigners living in Japan. It is not only possible to study in levels from elementary to advanced according to your needs, but we also provide full study in the four skills of "listening, speaking, reading, and writing". For those who are busy with officework or housework, it is possible to choose which days you study, allowing you to study according to your own schedule and improve at your own pace.

  • Daily drills
    1. - Kanji/Pronunciation
      - Short Conversations
      - Dictation
  • Sentences/Grammar practice
  • Reading
  • Conversation Practise
  • Tests
  • Essay Writing
  • Activities
  • Presentations
Level Target
Elementary We can help you gain the Japanese communication ability necessary to make your life in Japan truly meaningful.
Intermediate We can help you learn natural Japanese at a higher level than the elementary class. This class is perfect for erasing the communication gap created by not knowing how to use words best.
Advanced Ability to give detailed opinions, have discussions and give abstract opinions.

Conversational Japanese

You won't get far in Japan without being able to speak the language, but using the special techniques our teachers have developed, you'll be surprised how easy it is to learn to speak Japanese, and you'll be fluent before you know it! Our Conversational Japanese course uses interesting and modern materials and activities to focus on improving your Japanese speaking ability in a way that gives you the flexibility to adapt to new situations, until one day you won't even need a teacher anymore!

Fukuoka Language CoursesSmall-group classes are given both inside and outside of the classroom - you will learn essential communication techniques in structured lessons with the teacher, then practice them in real-world situations, such as:

  • Calling a movie theater to ask for showtimes
  • Ordering delivery sushi
  • Calling a restaurant to make reservations
  • Giving a questionnaire to people in the park
  • Asking for directions at the train station
  • Buying electronics

Textbook Used

  • Beginner level 1: An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese Book 1
  • Beginner level 2: An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese Book 2
  • Pre-intermediate level: Shin Nihongo no Chuukyuu (from the same series as "Shin Nihongo no Kiso") and J-Bridge to Intermediate Japanese
  • Intermediate level: Nameraka Nihongo, Nihongo Nama Chuukei, and Office Japanese
  • Advanced level: materials decided according to each student

Standard Weekly Schedule

  • Conversational Japanese, two 50-minute classes
  • Japanese grammar, two 50-minute classes

Beginner-Level Class Objectives

Fukuoka Language CoursesExample 2-week course. All classes are adjusted to the specific needs and requests of each student, so this outline is only intended as a guide to common objectives. The specifics of your course may differ from those here.

  • Greetings (including polite forms)
  • Self-introduction (including polite forms)
  • Noun-sentences ("Watashi ha ~~ desu. Kore ha ~~ desu."), numbers
  • Simple adjectives
  • Verb sentences (transitive verbs): non-past/past, affirmative/negative, including particles
  • "te"-form (request form)
  • informal speech

Activities durring the group course

  • Telephone (asking phone numbers, asking shop opening times, calling a friend's house, calling a company)
  • Asking directions
  • Making reservations
  • Shopping (department store, post office, clothes store, drugstore (symptoms, etc.))
  • Giving a questionnaire to Japanese people

Japanese and Culture

Are you interested in Japanese culture? This course offers you the opportunity to learn about the culture while learning the language, and the chance to participate in it with other Japanese people.

Fukuoka Language CoursesYou will learn topics such as the following:

  • kimono
  • ceramics
  • tea ceremony
  • calligraphy
  • flower arrangement
  • Japanese cookery
  • dance and theater
  • military arts (e.g. aikido)
  • religion/spirituality
  • customs

All classes are based on gaining an understanding of and appreciation for Japanese culture, learning a specific point of Japanese, and participating in the beauty of Japanese traditional art.

Fukuoka Language CoursesFirst, you will learn the background and history of a topic, then practice vocabulary and sentence patterns related to that topic, using practical materials. Finally, when ready, you will participate in classes with a specialist teacher.

We guarantee that you'll have a great experience!

Standard Weekly Schedule

  • Monday, Wednesday and Friday: Conversational Japanese, Japanese grammar, Japanese culture activity class
  • Tuesday and Thursday: Conversational Japanese, Japanese grammar

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