Tokyo Language CoursesEntrance Ceremony - New students joined the entrance ceremony with huge expectations, and current students recommitted themselves to studying hard. Students were introduced to the teachers they would be studying with. Both instructors and students are looking forward to the lessons.

Bus Tour - Every year in June we go on a bus tour. This provides a good opportunity to learn about Japanese culture and build good relationships with friends and instructors. The bus tour is really popular every year!

Tokyo Language CoursesSpeech Competition - Students practice for long periods to effectively demonstrate their Japanese skills in front of everyone. Every year, students from various nations give speeches from their own special perspectives. With tears and laughter, this is an annually popular event. It is also aimed to improve composition, pronunciation and conversation skills through the speeches. Make sure you support your friends also!

Festa - The Festa is the school's carnival. Not only our students, but also students from the technical colleges also participate and put on display what they have been studying. This is a great chance to see what is being studied at the other colleges.

Tokyo Language CoursesExchange Party - An exchange party with Japanese people occurs once a month. You can try out all the Japanese you have learned so far! This could also be a good chance for you to make Japanese friends!

Sports Carnival - We hold a sports carnival at the school in Tokyo in February every year. From the planning to the running of this event, everything is undertaken by a student committee, so this really is a sports carnival by the students and for the students. Even at a sports carnival you can enjoy exchange with Japanese people! This is another of of the special events only possible here!

Tokyo Language CoursesField Trips - In February students finish their preparation and taking exams for further studies, so the school takes each class out on field trips. After researching the venue in advance, we take the students to factories and museums, and then the students give presentations to their classes about their new discoveries afterwards!

Graduation Ceremony - Instructors put on a show as a gift to students at the graduation ceremony. This is the moment when students and instructors become friends.

Activity Schedule

Our school offers not only Japanese language study, but also various kinds of activities for learning directly about Japan. Through joining in the activities, students become closer to their teachers and classmates, and studying Japanese becomes much more enjoyable for sure!

Month Content
April Orientations and entrance ceremony for April students
May Guidance for further studies
Exchange party with Japanese people
EJU practice test
June One day bus tour
Exchange party with Japanese people
July Orientations and entrance ceremony for July students
Tanabata activity
Application preparation for EJU November session
Speech competition
Exchange party with Japanese people
August Summer holidays/Beginning of summer activities
Human Festa
Exchange party with Japanese people
Beginning of individual counseling and application for further studies
September Test
Practice test of EJU
Exchange party with Japanese people
October Orientations and entrance ceremony for October students
November EJU
JLPT practice test
Exchange party with Japanese people
December JLPT
Exchange party with Japanese people
January Orientations and entrance ceremony for January students
Beginning of winter activities
Exchange party with Japanese peopl
February Test
Application preparation for EJU June session
Out of school activity
Sports carnival
Exchange party with Japanese people
March Graduation ceremony/party
Exchange party with Japanese people

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