Academic Study Abroad Programs in Italy: Archaeology.

All courses are taught in English.

Students in the Archaeology Department have the extraordinary opportunity to combine theory and practice by participating in an active excavation located in the countryside surrounding Tuscania. Through the institutional collaboration with the University of Florence, as well as provincial and municipal organizations in Lazio and Tuscania, students are able to participate in an ongoing excavation of an Etruscan site, the Pian delle Rusciare, located close to the school premises.

The majority of the excavated Etruscan objects reside in the Museo Archeologico di Tuscania after restorative treatment and scholarly study. Perhaps the most precious of the finds has been a bronze mirror unearthed by our students in July 2005 portraying figures of gods and Greek myths and dating from the 3rd century B.C..

Archaeology courses offer both theoretical as well as practical approaches to Etruscan culture, examining diverse aspects of society such as the relationship between funerary art and daily life, social and religious hierarchies, and trade and commerce. Academic coursework is complimented by on-site classes to nearby archaeological sites such as Cerveteri, Tarquinia and Vulci. Visits to these archaeological sites are accompanied by extensive tours of the national museums of Rome and Tarquinia.

Study abroad in Tuscania Italy Archaeology Study Abroad Program in Tuscania.
Archaeology courses offered in Tuscania (each course is 3 credits / 45 hours):
   1. Introduction to the World of the Etruscans
   2. Greeks, Etruscans and Romans
   3. Hands-on History: Archaeology Experience
   4. Ancient Mediterranean Civilization and Culture
   5. The Classical World
   6. Archaeology and the Case of Tuscania: Theory and Practice
   7. Archaeology Field Workshop (Summer only)

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Study Abroad Academic Offerings & Program Options In Italy: Tuscania

We offer one month Summer and January Intersession and semester study abroad programs in Tuscania. The curriculum has been designed to promote the historical, artistic and cultural qualities that make this part of Italy unique. Thus, courses in History and Archaeology focus on the Etruscan, Roman and medieval civilizations that are at the core of Tuscania's development, while courses in Culinary Arts reflect Tuscania's connection to the agricultural cycles and traditions of the region.


Art History

Culinary Arts

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