Our Teachers

Our teachers are the heart of the school; they are selected using the highest criteria to ensure student success and gratification in learning a new language. Our teachers are required to have a superior level of education, training, experience, and skill. SL invests in our teachers and their continued education; encouraging them to attend seminars and classes regarding the latest teaching techniques and developments. The school staff is trained and qualified to administer language certification under CELI, CELTA, TOEFL, CAMBRIDGE, TRINITY, DELF/DALF, CERVANTES and GOETHE.

Our staff represents a multitude of ages, races, ethnicities and genders, providing our students with a diverse and advantageous educational experience.

Our Method

Our school is focused on maintaining current and relevant language programs that are responsive to the ever-changing needs and experiences of our students. Most importantly, this involves a direct and intimate learning process between teacher and student. While our students are learning to express themselves and share their ideas in a new language, our teachers are learning about the cultures and perspectives of our students. This experience is rewarding and life-changing for both the student and the teacher.

In addition to classroom instruction, the SL local community offers students the opportunity to practice their language skills. Students are exposed daily to Italian native speakers, this immersion is important for building language skills. This is not only the perfect way to learn the language, but also to develop life-long friendships with Italians. We believe this is one of the biggest advantages of our school.

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Sorrento Language CoursesWe offer Italian language immersions courses. Our program is focused on four main skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Courses are practical, stimulating, and interactive. In addition to classroom instruction, the local community offers students the opportunity to practice their Italian language skills. Students are exposed to Italian native speakers on a daily basis.

We offer Italian courses on six different course levels. On the first, you will take our Italian Placement Test and will be assigned to the Italian language course level that complies with your Italian knowledge ideally.

Intensive Italian Group Courses
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CILS Preparation
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