Italian Language Levels

  • Greetings and introductions
  • Time
  • Simple biographical information (i.e., family, job, house, traditions, holidays)
  • Descriptions of people and places
  • Living abroad essentials (i.e., ordering in a restaurant, daily situations such as phone calls, health matters, taxi, post office)

  • Travel experiences
  • Current events
  • Customs
  • Descriptions of people and places
  • Art and cultural topics
  • Comparing situations and opinions
  • Body language

  • Giving instructions and making suggestions
  • Simple reading comprehension
  • Expressing needs, obligation, possibility
  • Making invitations
  • Expressing preferences and desires

  • Understanding context
  • Communicating in different situations (formal vs. informal)
  • Compare and analyze alternative viewpoints
  • Ability to express perspectives

Upper Intermediate
  • Idiomatic expressions and phraseology
  • Shades of meaning
  • Regional aspects of Italian
  • Persuasion and argumentation
  • Making judgments and evaluation
  • Expressing emotion
  • Conversation on literary or poetic passages

  • Demonstrated ability to integrate levels I-V; to speak in a clear, yet nuanced mode stylistically adapted to the situation.
  • Ability to present oneself logically, contribute to and facilitate conversation
  • Ability to hear, recall and identify the most important points of a conversation

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Sorrento Language CoursesWe offer Italian language immersions courses. Our program is focused on four main skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Courses are practical, stimulating, and interactive. In addition to classroom instruction, the local community offers students the opportunity to practice their Italian language skills. Students are exposed to Italian native speakers on a daily basis.

We offer Italian courses on six different course levels. On the first, you will take our Italian Placement Test and will be assigned to the Italian language course level that complies with your Italian knowledge ideally.

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