Study Abroad Academic Programs in Sorrento

Study Abroad semester programs are offered in the fall, winter and spring for a period of 12 weeks each. In addition to the Italian courses, students may take 1 elective course taught in English or Italian (advanced level only). The elective courses are taught for the duration of the 12-week semester. Therefore, students typically take 1 elective and 3 Italian language courses during their semester.

Students participate in class with other international students for a max. of 10 students per class. This enables the teacher and student to have more individual personalized attention.

Italian Language Courses

Each Italian course consists of 20 hours of coursework per week for a total of 80 contact hours per 4-week session. Students are in Italian class in the morning for 4 hours per day (Monday through Friday). Students can receive up to 5 credits per each course.

In order to ascertain a student's actual level of proficiency in Italian, a placement exam is administered on the first day of class. Based on this exam, students are then assigned to one of six levels: Beginner (I & II), Intermediate (I & II), or Advanced (I & II).

All levels work on a wide range of activities in order to develop reading comprehension, listening, writing and oral skills. The beginner levels focus on verbal communication and grammar while the intermediate and advanced levels work more in-depth on the writing process. Students are revaluated at the beginning of each 4-week session, thus enabling them to move up at their own pace throughout the semester.

Course List

  • Italian 101 - Basic Italian I
  • Italian 102 - Basic Italian II
  • Italian 201 - Intermediate Italian I
  • Italian 202 - Intermediate Italian II
  • Italian 301 - Advanced Italian I
  • Italian 302 - Advanced Italian II
  • Italian 304 - Business Italian
  • Italian 305 - Italian Literature
  • Italian 340/341 - Advanced Oral and Written Expression I and II
  • Italian 410 - Advanced Composition

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Elective Courses

Each elective course consists of 4 hours of coursework per week for a total of 48 contact hours per 12-week semester. Classes are held twice a week in the afternoon or early evening. Students generally receive 3-4 credits for each elective course. Students of all language levels may take 1 elective taught in English per semester. Italian electives are open to advanced students only.

Schedules are released one month in advance and final elective course offering is based on sufficient enrolment.

Elective Courses Taught in English

  • Italian Literature
  • Italian Cinema - Introduction to Italian film
  • History of Italian Art
  • History of Italy
  • History of Sorrento
  • Archaeology - Cities of Fire from Paestum to Pompeii
  • Marine Biology - Introduction to Marine Biology
  • Advanced Marine Biology
  • Italian Cuisine (history and tradition)
  • Italian Cuisine (theory and practice)

Elective Courses Taught in Italian

  • Modern History of Italian
  • Modern History of Sorrento
  • Business Communications
  • Business Management
  • Exploring Dante
  • The Renaissance
  • Geography
  • Geology
  • Marketing
  • Politics in Italy

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Sorrento Language CoursesWe offer Italian language immersions courses. Our program is focused on four main skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Courses are practical, stimulating, and interactive. In addition to classroom instruction, the local community offers students the opportunity to practice their Italian language skills. Students are exposed to Italian native speakers on a daily basis.

We offer Italian courses on six different course levels. On the first, you will take our Italian Placement Test and will be assigned to the Italian language course level that complies with your Italian knowledge ideally.

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