Italian Language Levels

Our Italian language courses are offered at several levels designed for those just starting to learn to speak Italian, to those who are almost fluent. At our Italian language school, before the beginning of the course, each student is given an oral and a written test to determine his/her knowledge of the Italian language in order to be placed in the appropriate level. Rome, as a Metropolis, gives you the opportunity to hear different dialects and forms of speaking which later on will help you to improve your knowledge of the Italian language.

Basic Italian Level

  • Designed for those who have no knowledge of the Italian language. Furnishes students with basic communication skills and enables them to use Italian actively in daily situations.
  • For those who have some knowledge of the elementary structures of the Italian language. By actively using known structures, students will be able to freely practice conversation in diverse situations and will learn new forms to express past actions and events.
  • This level develops the student's capacity to express themselves more precisely and provides extended practice with the forms required to discuss future plans and events.

Intermediate Italian Level

  • For those who have an active knowledge of the basic linguistic structures of Italian. The intermediate level is directed towards the acquisition of more complex structures to express personal opinions and judgments.
  • Through the acquisition and active use of yet more complex syntactical structures, this level enables students to express conjectures and wishes. Both oral and written communication skills are strengthened, thereby broadening the linguistic base for self-expression.
  • This level concludes the learning of the fundamental syntactical structures. Gives students the possibility to express themselves fluently in Italian and to understand and use idiomatic forms. The completion of Level VI brings the student to the "threshold level of Italian as a foreign language" established by the Council of Europe. At this level the student will have the linguistic capacity to communicate confidently with native Italian speakers in all informal situations.

Advanced Italian Level

  • For those who have a solid grammatical and lexical base and who want to perfect their use of the Italian language in specific areas, in written work, and in phonetics.
  • Students analyze stylistic elements of Italian and examine the register and tone appropriate to various aspects of oral and written communication.

Italian Skill Perfection

  • For those who possess an almost complete command of the Italian language. The program for this course will be based on the personal needs and interests of the students enrolled.

Common European Framework

The following chart is an equivalence of our levels with the common European Framework and their respective exam.

Common European Framework Levels According
to C.E.F.
Corresponding levels Exams and Certificates
Basic User A1 Breakthrough 1st level CILS A1
A2 Waystage 2nd level CILS A2 / CELI 1
Independent User B1 Treshold 3rd level CILS 1 / CELI 2 / Elementary IT / Intermediate
4th level
B2 Vantage 5th level  
6th level CILS 2 /CELI 3
Proficient User C1 Proficiency 7th level Advanced
Skill Perfection A CILS 3 / CELI 4
C2 Mastery Skill Perfection B  
Skill Perfection C CILS 4 / CELI 5 / IT

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