Academic Study Abroad Programs in Italy: Budget.

We offer direct enrollment to the most prestigious institutions in Italy. That's why our prices are much lower than the prices for the same programs offered by other study abroad providers. Furthermore, you can choose a study abroad program option that suits your specific learning needs and budget.

Make a budget plan that guides you in handling your money.

The amount of money you need for living expenses is greatly determined by:

  1. the currency exchange rate
  2. the cost of living in the city where you are studying
  3. your lifestyle, and
  4. how much independent travel a student plans to do while abroad.

In determining your potential expenses for the semester, you should calculate your expenses on campus, (i.e. books, entertainment, meals, etc.), while factoring in travel expenses, an emergency fund, and other excursions or supplies. Money needed per semester varies depending on students' preferences. Students on a small budget spend between 1000 - 2500 Euro per semester and on a lavish budget can spend as much as 4000 Euro or more per semester. The above amounts cover your expenses not included in tuition and housing fees (except airfare).

Here are a few suggestions to keep your costs down:

  • Walk whenever you can or use public transportation rather than taxis (you'll see more and feel better too).
  • Avoid impulse buying.
  • Shop for groceries for lunches rather than eating out.
  • Keep a record of your expenses.
  • Combine trips so as to get several things done at once. It will save time and money if you plan ahead for your trips by talking to those who have been there before and going over your guidebook.

How much is the average cost of living in Italy?

This is an extremely difficult question to answer, as students' preferences vary greatly. Students who made it on a shoestring budget may have spent between $1000-$2000 (per quanto tempo?), while a lavish budget can be $4000 or more. It depends on you and your specific needs/ wants. At the time of your VISA application, your consulate will identify a financial support minimum.

The following are the results of some research we carried out about approximate, everyday expenses in Italy for an average student:

  • Supermarket: approximately 50 euros/week;
  • Buses: 1 ticket 1 Euro (lasts 1 hour from the time it is validated) 22 Euro (25 day pass);
  • Taxis: about Euro 30/month;
  • Trains: about Euro 30/month;
  • Pizza and a beer: about Euro 20;
  • A dinner in a restaurant: about Euro 35;
  • Cigarettes: Euro 3.00;
  • Public laundry: wash Euro 3.50 - dry Euro 3.50 (soap free)

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does the money exchange system work in Italy?
    Most banks have their own money exchange window. They generally offer the best exchange rates but also charge a commission. Many independent, non-bank exchange offices do not charge commission, but offer poorer rates of exchange. Banks are open Monday through Friday from 8:20am to 1:20pm and again from around 2:45 to 3:45pm. They are closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

  • Can I use my ATM card in Rome?
    You may be able to withdraw money from your bank account at home by using your ATM card. All bank cards have symbols on the back of them, and two of these symbols are available in the Italian ATM system: Cirrus and Plus. If your card has one of these symbols and you find a machine with the same symbols, you should be able to access funds from your CHECKING account. Most of the machines have instructions in English. You can find ATM machines (in Italian - Bancomat) at almost any bank.

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