Accommodation Options

Given that you'll be spending a week or more in Montepulciano, it's essential that you feel at home here. In Italy home is very important. More than just the place where you sleep, home is where you pass your time - cooking, reading the newspaper while stretched out on the couch or chatting with friends over a delicious meal of pasta. Therefore, we take it as our responsibility to make sure you feel at home by finding you the lodging that best meets your needs.

Whether you choose to stay in an apartment or with a family, you will find the same level of comfort and quality. Each apartment has something that makes it unique and special - a panoramic view, a rustic Tuscan style, the beautiful light of sunset or a romantic balcony. Unfortunately it's not possible for us to display photos of all the apartments at our disposal, but rest assured that we'll do everything possible to find you the lodgings you want. And remember, you'll have much more to choose from if you book well in advance.


If you'd like to integrate your language studies with a wider social experience, taking a room in a family home is the solution for you. Our host families are few and are carefully selected. They're people who will quite happily exchange a few words with their guests (but don't expect them to be Italian teachers!). You can choose a room with either breakfast or half board. If you decide to eat with the family, you'll have the opportunity to enjoy some authentic, Tuscan cuisine.


Shared Apartment
Single or double room in an apartment with other students is a good choice if you would like to share your language school experience and have the opportunity of making new friends, you can choose to stay in an apartment with other students. Naturally the kitchen and bathroom will be shared, but approached in a spirit of adaptability, this option will give you the chance to meet people of other nationalities and begin experimenting with your Italian.

Independent apartment
We offer small, private apartments for one or two persons, with one double room or two single rooms, depending on your needs. Apartments are fully furnished and equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay. All apartments are a (maximum) ten-minute walk from the school, and are close to shops, banks, the post office and the supermarket. If your needs are not covered by what you see in the price list, please contact us.

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If you prefer to stay in a hotel, we'll supply you with the names, addresses and phone numbers of the hotels in Montepulciano, and we'll help you make your reservation.

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