Italy Today: Politics history

This course will help you gain a better understanding of the current political situation, the political parties and the leading figures of the last 60 years of Italian politics, including the period from 1970 to 1980, also known as the "years of terrorism". We'll talk about Tangentopoli (the bribes and corruption scandal) and the fall of the first Republic, which brought about the transformation of the traditional political parties. We'll also discuss the economic crisis of the 90's and the government of Berlusconi. In addition we'll cover current affairs, reading and discussing the newspapers, and watching films that deal with these topics.

DAY 1 Presentation of the curriculum and verification of students' specific knowledge of the subject.

DAY 2 Presentation of chronology of events; introduction to the situation in Italy at the end of WWII; the CLN (National Liberation Committee); the formation of the major parties (Dc/Pci Christian Democrats/Italian Communist Party); the first democratic governments; the institutional referendum; the Constitution.

DAY 3 The elections of April 1948; the Marshall Plan; NATO; the cold war years; the hegemony of the west.

DAY 4 Reconstruction and economic recovery; the characteristics of the Republic of Italy - prospects and problems; the renewed question of the south.

DAY 5 Vatican II; 1963; the Center Left; programs and achievements; the economic boom and cultural changes.

DAY 6 Clarifications on the program as developed; the radicalization of social conflicts; 1968; the "hot autumn".

DAY 7 The strategy of tension; terrorism - black and red; the Red Brigade; the "lead years"; the historical compromise and the death of Aldo Moro.

DAY 8 The 80's; the economic recovery; the Craxi era; programs and achievements; the fall of the Berlin Wall; crises in the traditional parties; the "Bribesville" scandal.

DAY 9 End of the First Republic; from proportional to majority governments; Berlusconi.

DAY 10 The alternation of coalitions; the Prodi Government; the Berlusconi Government; Italy and Europe.


  • Paul Ginsburg, Storia d'Italia dal dopoguerra a oggi 1943 - 1988, Einaudi
  • Paul Ginsburg, Storia d'Italia del tempo presente 1980 - 1996, Einaudi
  • Paul Ginsburg, Storia d'Italia dall'UnitÓ a oggi vol. 4, Einaudi
  • Giorgio Candeloro, Storia dell'Italia moderna, Feltrinelli
  • G. Olmoti, Storia fotografica della societÓ italiana - Il boom, Editori Riuniti
  • Balboni Santipolo, Profilo di storia italiana per stranieri, Guerra editore

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