Italian Renaissance Culture Courses

Day 1: Outline of the course and verification of students' knowledge of the history and art history of the period.

Day 2: The first protagonists of the Renaissance and their works in Architecture (Leon Battista, Alberti, Brunelleschi), Painting (Massaccio, Beato Angelico) and Sculpture (Donatello).

Day 3: Comparison of two courts: the Urbino of Montefeltro depicted by Piero della Francesca, and the Mantova of the Gonzagas and their official artist Andrea Mantegna.

Day 4: Florence during the Renaissance: the beginning of the Modern Style and Leonardo - architect, sculptor, scientist, painter, inventor of the technique of "sfumato", and herald of the conquest of modern technique.

Day 5: The personalities of Michelangelo and Raffaello; from the tormented and dramatic sculptures of the first to the high renaissance interpretation of the cult of beauty of the second.

Day 6: Development of the Renaissance in Venice in the1500's - Giorgione's sense of color, the later works of Giovanni Bellini and the beginnings of Tiziano.

Day 7: Florence and the crisis of 1530; painters in Tuscany during the first decades of the century - Pontormo and Beccafumi; the era of Pope Clement VII in Rome.

Day 8: The Style Crisis and the diffusion of a new, artistic language; the architect and painter Giulio Romano - the Palazzo del Tè in Mantova.

Day 9: Venice and the Veneto region at the end of the 1500's: the last works of Tiziano; Tintoretto's persistent search for light; the classical architecture and majestic villas of Palladio.

Day 10: End of the 1500's, beginning of the 1600's; the maximum expression of light and naturalism in painting; the artistic revolution of Michelangelo Merisi, known as Caravaggio.

Bibliographic materials:

  • L'Arte del costruire. Libro dello studente. Italiano per stranieri
  • Parte 1 Architettura e urbanistica; Parte 3 Schede di lavoro
  • Bonacci Editore, Roma, 1995
  • Vecchi, E. Cerchiari, Arte nel tempo, vol. 2, I e II tomo. Bompiani editore, 1999
  • Art Dossier, Giunti Editore

Audiovisual materials:

  • Il Rinascimento. Tra arte, architettura e potere. DVD Video
  • Leonardo da Vinci. Il genio del Rinascimento. DVD Video
  • Botticelli. Il pittore della grazia. DVD Video

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