Spanish courses in La Ceiba, Honduras

Spanish Language school in La Ceiba offers various courses to students at all levels. Click on the link below to review a brief summary of what you can expect from each program:

  • Full Spanish Immersion
    Our Spanish language immersion learning program emphasizes conversation, communication, basic survival skills, grammar and vocabulary.

  • U.S. College Credit
    University students may study at our Spanish Language school in La Ceiba and receive university credit for studying abroad.

  • Business Spanish
    Designed for business personnel, administration and commerce terminology. Customer service interaction vocabulary.

  • Medical Spanish
    Designed for medical students, focusing in medical terms. How to deal with patients. General medicine terminology.

  • Spanish for Kids
    This program is design for entire families traveling together. Children under 6+ can attend school with their parents and having an experienced nursery or elementary school teacher.

  • Spanish + Volunteering
    Work for local orphans and share your love and time with the needy children and teach them basic conversational English and Computers so that they can slowly develop the courage and confidence to face the challenging world where English is becoming more and more necessary.

  • Spanish + Eco-Tourism
    At our La Mosquitia Eco Aventuras, where you will live for the next 6 days, faces the spectacular Pico Bonito National park. Get ready for your adventured and full of Adrenaline week!

  • Spanish + Scuba Diving
    The Cayos Cochinos are a group of two small islands (Cayo menor y Cayo mayor) and 13 small coral cays situated 30 kilometers northeast of La Ceiba on the northern shores of Honduras.

Spanish Levels

We work with all levels, fixing the goals for each student based on our experience.

Beginner level:
pronunciation, identifying people and things, present tense, family members,"ser" and "estar",interrogative pronouns, indefinite/definite articles, greetings, demonstrative adjectives, present progressive tense, "hay" and "tener", days and months, possessive adjectives. Reflexive verbs and pronouns, sports and activities, future informal ("ir"+), preferences and desires, "nunca"/"siempre", imperative tense, ordinal numbers, "tener que ", "haber", "deber", prepositions of time and place, imperfect tense.

Intermediate level:
relative pronouns, interrogative pronouns, "para" and "por", past perfect irregulares, future imperfect, conditional tense, present subjunctive, uses of subjunctive verbs, "seguir" and "quedar", preterite perfect "estar"+ gerund, irregular subjunctive verbs. preterit perfect subjunctive, passive voice, use of "se", verbs with preposition, adverbial expressions,diminutives and augmentatives, idiomatic expressions, preterit imperfect subjunctive, prepositional phrases, synonyms and antonyms.

Advanced and Superior levels:
Continuation of speech practice, perfecting spoken grammar, analysis of literature and composition. Rotation of conversation themes.

Certificate and Grade Report
After finishing the course, students receive a certificate of participation . If students take the internal examination at the end of the course then the level reached will be shown in the form of a grade.

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