Orientation and City Tour (first day)

Welcome at the La Ceiba airport followed by transfer to host family. The next morning, join orientation sessions and discuss the program itinerary. Centro Internacional de Idiomas director will brief participants about Honduras past, its people, lifestyle, customs and geography. Orientation/briefing also covers safety, health issues, "do's and don'ts" of Honduras. At the end, join lunch and enjoy a typical Honduran Cousin platter! Real tasty!! In the afternoon you will discover town on a walking around city tour. Visit to the Orphanage or the volunteering program placement you have selected *** where you will be introduced with the director, coordinator and other volunteers.

Spanish Language Program (Monday through Friday)

Spanish is taught on a one on one basis focusing in conversation practice, grammar, writing, and the vocabulary of your interest. We are prepared to handle beginners, Intermediate and Advanced students. We work on a weekly basis, 20 hours per week, 4 hours per day from Monday through Friday. Morning and afternoon schedules.

Your Hostfamily (7 days a week)

Volunteers/Students are placed in an upper middle class family. Private room and bathroom. Three meals per day included, 7 days a week. The members of the family are always willing to converse with you and make you practice the Spanish you have learned during the day. You are provided with a key of the house, so you are welcome to come in and out at your own convenience. Host family also provides bed sheets once a week, towel, bath soap, fan, desk, lamp, chair, pillows, and toilet paper.

Volunteer Work Options

Volunteer Work Orphanage / Children at Risk

Work in orphanage in La Ceiba. Work for local orphans and share your love and time with the needy children and teach them basic conversational English and Computers so that they can slowly develop the courage and confidence to face the challenging world where English is becoming more and more necessary.

Other duties you can help with:

  • Organize team games
  • Help orphans with their homework
  • Drawing and Coloring
  • Kitchen and laundry help.
  • Some office help might be required.

Volunteer Health Care Programs

La Ceiba VolunteeringUnfortunately, the public health care system in Honduras is one of the worst in Latin America. There are very few good hospitals, and most middle class families are unable to afford them. Therefore, able volunteers in our Volunteer Honduras Health Project assist in local hospitals which are often poorly-equipped.

If you volunteer for this project, you will support local doctors and nurses in their work. You may also work in different capacities from observing to providing assistance in surgery, based on your skills and experience. Also depending on your skill level, you may help care for patients, check blood pressure, distribute food, and work in the pharmacy or with a gynecologist. There is always work for volunteers in the public hospital and clinics in La Ceiba and surrounding areas.

Volunteer HIV / AIDS Project

An intermediate level of Spanish is required for participants joining the HIV/AIDS project in Honduras. If not possessing a sufficient level of Spanish, please consider one of our other Honduras-based projects. Alternately, if wishing to join this project, participants can take advanced level Spanish courses with our partner school for a nominal fee. In recent years, Honduras has experienced a rapid increase in HIV infections, accounting for nearly 60 percent of all cases reported in Central America. Roughly 80 percent of all reported cases are attributable to heterosexual transmission, and studies indicate that between 1 and 4 percent of pregnant women have been infected with the virus.

Volunteers in this project will be involved in various care and support activities. Volunteer activities will include counselling, including prevention counselling and the design and use of complementary IEC (information, education, and communication) materials; working in diagnosis and treatment of minor opportunistic infections and palliative care; referring patients in some cases to public or private sources of more sophisticated care, including the diagnosis and treatment of TB and sexually transmitted infections and anti-retroviral therapy, including prevention of mother-to-child transmission; and working in IEC activities to reduce the stigma of being HIV-positive and combat discrimination.

Volunteer Primary School For The Disable

La Ceiba VolunteeringSpecial education for deaf and mute, mentally retired and learning problem children is a complex field for volunteers and requires special talents and interests. However, this Volunteer Honduras Project allows you to play a crucial role in the lives of deaf and mute children. Your tasks in this project may include helping to improve or develop the communication level of the children.

You will primarily adopt communication techniques such as auditory-verbal, bilingual-bicultural, cued speech, oral method, acoustic method, Rochester method, speech reading (lip-reading), manual sign languages (PSE, ASL, Signed English, Signing Exact English), sign supported speech (simultaneous communication), and total communication. All volunteers in this field must use sign language to provide the primary students an opportunity to learn it and to help them feel more confident with themselves and their ability to communicate with others. In addition, you will also be involved in other curricular and extra-curricular activities such as games, painting, and dancing.

Volunteer Teaching English Program

La Ceiba VolunteeringLa Ceiba is a picturesque town located on the northern coast of the Caribbean Sea. As Honduras develops its tourism industry, recent focuses have been on La Ceiba - called "The Capital of Tourism" because of its strategic location. La Ceiba is a destination for many English-speaking tourists. For these Honduran students to become part of this growing industry, they should be proficient in English.

Our volunteer program in Honduras offers opportunities for international volunteers to teach English to children and young people attending primary and secondary schools in La Ceiba and its surrounding areas. These areas are very poor, and the schools lack native English-speaking volunteers. In this program, volunteers will help children learn the correct use of English words and master English grammar. A typical class averages about 30 students. You must have some knowledge of the Spanish language to successfully interact with them.

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