La Ceiba offers many different activities for our students. It is a vibrant, lively town which beats to the rhythm of its Latin, Caribbean and Afro-Antillian culture.

The "Zona Viva" is an area along the beach where most of the restaurants and night clubs are located. Central Park is a pleasant shaded area in the center of town and the beautiful Standard Park just minutes away. There are many hotels, restaurants, and a modern cinema.

White water rafting and kayaking are a thrilling attraction and the beaches surrounding La Ceiba are safe and clean. You can ascend into the majestic cloud forest of the "Pico Bonito" Natural Reserve, and hike from near sea-level up to 8,000 feet.

You will also discover the Fauna the Flora, several exotic waterfalls and incredible views of the Caribbean Coast and the Bay Islands. The Picturesque mountain peak, "Pico Bonito" is a landmark on the north coast of Honduras and without a doubt makes La Cieba an important Eco-Tourism destination.

Rio de Janeiro ActivitiesA ferry boat or a 20 minute flight from here takes you to the turquoise waters of the Bay Islands, Utila, Roatan and Guanaja.

The Bay Islands. Roatan, Guanaja and Utila make up the Bay Islands that are located on the largest barrier reef in the Northern Hemisphere and extend from 20 to 40 miles off the coast of Honduras.

The Islands have a heritage and flavor all their own because they were settled originally by descendants of British privateers. English is so widely spoken on the Islands that many people don't speak Spanish at all. They are home to a flourishing lobster and shrimp fishing industry. Palm trees fringe the turquoise blue and crystal clear waters renowned for the scuba diving and leisure resorts.

The Bay Islands are where you can discover an entire world for yourself, whether it be fishing, diving, snorkeling, exploring nature trails and exotic plants or simply relaxing on the beach.

Extra Curricular Activities

White Water Rafting

Some of the best white water rafting in Central America is to be found right here in La Ceiba. The Cangrejal River offers class I, II, III and IV rapids, all within a short 45 minutes drive from downtown La Ceiba. In addition to the exciting rapids, the Pico Bonito National Park, which features more than 7 different ecosystems because of its changing altitudes, has its eastern border with the river, offering you an insight to the ever so lush green forest of Honduras. After the adventure, swim at the lodge's pool and have a cold beer.

Rio de Janeiro ActivitiesThis adventure includes (Weekend Tour):

  • One free night at the beautiful Mountain Lodge.
  • Expert river rafters.
  • Safety equipment.
  • Snacks.
  • Meals are at extra cost of $3 per meal.
  • Honduran tasty coffee.
  • Tropical Fruit Salad and soft drinks
  • Leave from school at 10 am. On Saturday
  • Back to school on Sunday afternoon.

Hiking Pico Bonito Cloud Forest

Rio de Janeiro ActivitiesUnquestionably one of the most diverse parks in Honduras, it coves an extension of land that goes from sea level to as high as 7,500 ft. Named after the mountain that lies just south of La Ceiba. Pico Bonito has become a landmark for La Ceiba and is why without a doubt plays an important role in making of La Ceiba an important eco-tourism destination in the years to come.

Hike up for 2 hours. The trail leads you up into the forest following the course of the crystal clear Zacate River. At the end of the trail spectacular waterfalls will reward you. A variety of tropical birds, including the Keel-billed Toucan are easily seen alog the trail. White faced monkies might also be seen.

This adventure includes (One Day Tour):

  • Leaving from school: 8:00 am.
  • Back to school: 6:00 pm.
  • Entrance Fee.
  • Stop by the AMARAS Bird Conservation Project (45 minutes stop)
  • Swimming at the Coloradito River surrounded by forest and crystal waters.
  • Snack and bottled water.
  • Leaving school: 8:00 am.
  • Back to school: 7:00 pm.


Without a doubt, en adventure experience that will allow you to feel the pure adrenalin flows into your whole body, Canopy tour will let you fly over the jungle sliding in a safe way from one platform to another on top of the trees and passing through caves, canyons and the lush forest.

This adventure includes (Weekend Tour):

  • Expert guides.
  • One free night at our beautiful mountain lodge.
  • Safety equipment.
  • Snack and bottle water.
  • Honduran coffee
  • Meals at extra cost of $3 per meal.
  • Leaves school: 8:00 am on Saturday
  • Back to school: Sunday afternoon.

Hiking at Rio Maria

For a refreshing trip, the Rio Maria is a delight. This a "U" hike of 3 hours up into the lush vegetation of the foothills along the river. The reward for the hike up is a series of pools in the river with cool, clear mountain water.

This adventure includes:

  • Wonderful view of the Bay Islands from top of the mountain
  • Bird Watching (All sorts of tropical birds)
  • Snack and bottle water
  • Leaves from school: 1:00 pm
  • Return to school: 6:00 pm

Garifuna Villages + Helen's Beach Resort

Visit to the Garifuna villages - Learn about the Garifuna culture and its roots (Afro Antillean ethnic group), then we go the Helen's Beach resort where you can enjoy a delicious fish platter or vegetarian platter. Swimming at the beach or the resort's pool, sunbath. Refreshing! Cold Drink! On our way back, we will stop at a river to swim into the cool mountain water.

  • Leaves from school: 11:30 am
  • Return to school: 6:00 pm

AMARAS Bird Conservation Project - Fruit Plantations

Rio de Janeiro ActivitiesThis adventure includes:

  • Visit to AMARAS (Birs Conservation Project). You will learn about all sorts of birds that this foundation takes care of.
  • El Porvenir. You will walk along the fruit plantations of the Standard Fruit Company.
  • La Ceiba is the home of the DOLE Fruit Company, producers of bananas, pineapples, grapefruit and other tropical fruits.
  • Lunch at El Porvenir community in a "CHAMPA" (HUT) next to the beach. Fish or Typical platter.
  • Leaves from school: 11:30 am
  • Return to school: 6:00 pm

Mountain Bicycle

Rio de Janeiro ActivitiesEnjoy one night at our Mountain Lodge in the Pico Bonito Cloud Forest. Ride your mountain bike with a guide and enjoy pure nature.

This adventure includes:

  • One free night at the mountain Lodge.
  • Snacks-fruit salad-soft drinks
  • Meals are at extra cost of $3 per meal.
  • Swim at the river or the lodge's pool
  • Honduran coffee.
  • Leave from school: 10 am. On Saturday
  • Back to school on Sunday afternoon.

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