Why should I go to La Ceiba, Honduras?

Honduras is a safe with a stable democratic form of government. The country has a low cost of living, which makes it a perfect place for someone on budget. The beaches in La Ceiba, a charming coast town on The Caribbean Sea rank among The best in the Caribbean. The region in Mountainous and Surrounded by Rain Forest. There is no discrimination and people are generous and easy going. The country is not crowded with other students learning Spanish. La Ceiba has a population of 90,000.00 inhabitants.

Why should I go to your school? What makes your school different?

All our teachers are certified and must pass an entrance exam in order to work in our school. Most of our teachers are university graduates and they are selected on the basis of their teaching experience, alert and active personalities. On the first day of classes students take a prolificacy test to assure correct placement. School is prepared to handle beginners, intermediate and advanced students. All staff members make you feel like home by giving you a personalized service and always ready to answer all your questions.

Do I need a Visa to enter Honduras?

No visas are needed to enter Honduras for the majority of nationalities including US citizen and EEC passport holders. At the port of entrance a 30 day visa is issue automatically for free. If you are to stay more than 30 days you can extend your visa for a small fee at the immigration office in town. The school director will assist you in renewing your visa.

How the Programs are designed?

The programs are designed based on the individual needs and educational backgrounds. Daily homework assigned. Conversation: 50% of the time in the class Grammar: 25% of the time in class Pronunciation: 15% of the time on the class Reading + Writing: 10% of the time on the class

What do I do after class?

There are daily activities after class, including white water rafting, hiking, scuba diving, snorkeling, dancing and cooking classes, visit to nearby beaches, mountains and rivers, field trips to indigenous villages and fruit plantations, canopy tours, nature pool trips, horseback riding, among others.

What type of accommodations are available?

School offers students to live with a local Spanish speaking family while attending school. Each student will have a private room in a high middle class family and 3 meals per day are provided. Students get a key of the house to fell free to come in and out at his/her own convenience. If students wants to alternate lodging arrangements they can be made through a local hotel. Host families and hotels are walking distance from school.

Is there Internet and Telephone access?

Yes, there are Internet cafes every corner in La Ceiba the price per hour for using the Internet is US$1.00 and you can call the US or Europe for US$0.20 cents a minute.

How do I get to La Ceiba?

There are flights from the cities of Miami, New Orleans and Houston. You can try American Airlines, Continental Airlines, Taca Airlines or Iberia if you are coming from Europe. If you need help in making a connection please e-mail us and we can give you advise in this issue.

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