Cultural activities

Every week there are about 3-4 organized activities, which are accompanied by our staff, who are happy to explain new and hidden features of things you may never have seen before. We also try to make it as varied as possible, this way we offer something for everyone.

The most common activities are:

  • Sporting activities
  • Excursions to nearby villages
  • Visits to a cultural centre or museum
  • Culture class at the school

If there is a local festival or celebration happening, we include that in the activity program, give detailed explanations about them, and make sure you get to experience them in the traditional way.

Furthermore, once a week everyone goes out on a 'Pub Night' to relax and get to know each other. While the activities are completely voluntary, everybody likes them and they are a good way to get to know new students and make new friends.

We also offer Salsa classes, every Tuesday, in our new dance studio. Our classes are fun and it is open to both teachers and students.

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