Greek language courses on the Island of Ikaria, Greece

Learn Modern Greek language on the Island of Ikaria!

Our Modern Greek Language School in Greece has been offering full immerison Intensive Modern Greek Language courses at all levels year-round since 1995.

If you wish wish to learn Greek from the beginning or to improve your knoweledge of Modern Greek while acquiring a deeper knowledge of Greece and its culture, our school is a right place for you to study Modern Greek and Greek Culture in Greece.

Ikaria, located in the centre of the Aegean Sea, is the perfect place for anyone who wants toleran Greek and to get away from crowded beaches and tourist areas and learn about the life and traditions of a small island. The visitor will experience traditional Greek hospitality, which is still a way of life in Ikaria, and will be delighted by the beauty of a unique and ever-changing landscape: now arid, now lush and well-watered, with many different species of birds, abundant vegetation (including several native species of flowers) and lovely little beaches.

Greek Language school on the Island of IkariaThe view from the school is fantastic. Half of the Aegean is underneath the visitor's feet while the impressive peak of the mountain "Atheras" rises up behind him. The area offers small tranquil beaches ideal for swimming, a network of mountain footpaths ideal for walks and the opportunity to observe birds of prey and other wildlife.

There has been very little tourist development and there are few shops. Necessary items can be obtained from small shops in Arethousa (1 km - 15 min on foot), the coastal village Karavostamo (2 km - 45 min on foot) or the port Evdilos (7 km - 20 min by car).

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