Spanish Language School in La Libertad, El Salvador:

Spanish Language School in La Libertad offers Spanish language instruction at all levels, and our basic lesson plan consists of twenty hours of study a week, four hours day. You can begin on any Monday, and will be given a placement exam upon your arrival to determine your level of instruction. Our class size is limited to 8 students, and one-on-one instruction is available.

Our Spanish language program is designed around a full-immersion pedagogy which includes intensive Spanish instruction and the chance to put what you learn into practice during your stay in El Salvador.

La Libertad, also known as "Way To California", it was founded by the British colonist Sir Francisc Drake while on route to northern California. The dynamic port town of El Puerto de la Libertad, located in the coastal crease of La Libertad state in El Salvador, is emerging as one of Central America's best surfing destinations for international travelers.

El Puerto has been home to many foreigners. EL "mueye" was vital to the town's economy for many years until "El Puerto de Acajutla" was finished 240 Kilometers west of El Puerto. Today, El Puerto de la Libertad is a tourist site for many surfers. The world known point break "La Punta" attracts pro level surfers in search of a perfect right break.

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