2019 Starting Dates and Tuition fees (All fees are in US Dollars)

Intensive Spanish Courses

Starting dates: any Monday
Course 20 lessons
Group course (Maximum 6 students per class. If you are the only one at your level this is replaced by 15 hours private lessons) $160 per week
Private course - 20 lessons per week $240 per week
Private course - 30 lessons per week $400 per week
Private course - 35 lessons per week $460 per week

Manta Activo Program

Starting dates: any Monday
30 lessons per week $400 per week
35 lessons per week $460 per week

The program includes

  • One-to-one language classes
  • Activities

Spanish + Surfing

Starting dates: any Monday. Surfing program is only available from December to April.
Duration Included in program Program fee

5 days
2 hours of surf classes a day in the afternoon, 10 hours a week in addition to Spanish classes $100 per week

Students learn Spanish (individual or group lessons) and enjoy surfing classes in different beaches in Manta: Murcielago Beach, San Lorenzo, Las Pinas and more. The program includes 20 hours per week of Individual Spanish lessons + 10 hours of surfing classes per week (qualified instructor and surf board provided)

Spanish + Kite Surf

Starting dates: any Monday. Kite Surf courses are only available from May to December.

8 hours
8 hours of Kite Surf classes (level 1), 8 hours of Kite Surf classes (level 2) and 6 hours of Kite Surf classes (level 3), in addition to Spanish classes $350 per level

Students discover Spanish culture and learn kite surfing in one of the best places for practicing this amazing sport: Santa Marianita (just 15 minutes away from Manta by car). Transportation and full gear is provided. The program includes 20 hours of Spanish lessons (individual or group) + individual kite surf lessons. We are offering 3 different levels of Kite Surf lessons. The student can try this thrilling sport for the first time (8 hours - Basic course), brush up on her/his skills (8 hours - Intermediate course) or perfect the ride (6 hours - Advanced course).

In case the students live in Santa Marianita we offer a special service for an extra charge: Either we organize the transport for a teacher to come to Santa Marianita and the students can enjoy their classes directly on the beach OR we pick them up, bring them to our school in Manta and afterwards we bring them back to Santa Marianita.

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Accommodation option Price
Homestay with half-board $185 per week
Student Apartment (fully furnished) $175 per week

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Other Fees, per person
Application fee* $100
Course registration* $45
Transfer service Guayaquil airport to Manta $110
Bank fee*: $45
* - non-refundable
All prices are subject to change without notice.

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