Spanish Language School in Manta: Activities

Out-of-class experiences with your teacher such as: visits to national parks, beaches and nearby islands, boat trips, water sports, country excursions, and horseback riding (these activities are optional). The school also offers special organized tours to the Machalilla National Park and Galápagos Islands at reduced prices.


  • Crucita: Hang Gliding and parasailing are available 1 ½ hours from Manta.
  • San Jacinto and San Clemente. (2 hours from Manta)
  • San Vicente and Canoa. (3 hours from Manta)
  • Puerto López and Puerto Cayo. (2 ½ hours from Manta)
  • Los Frailes. (2 ½ hours from Manta)

Urban Area

    Spanish Language Courses in Manta Ecuador
  • The Murcielago, with its scenic boardwalk has a group of restaurants, recreational sports, craft markets, bars and other places for fun and relaxation.Located nearby are banks, hotels and a commercial area. The waters are favorable for practicing aquatic sports such as surfing, sailing, body-boarding, and fishing.
  • Tarqui, Park of the Shellfish is where delicious local foods are prepared for your enjoyment. The practice of several sports is also available.
  • Barbasquillo Tourist Complex: There is a pool, sauna, gym, and disco with direct access to an extensive beach. There are also horses available for riding along the beach.
  • San Mateo: Area of urban expansion, home to fishermen who are dedicated to their occupation, much like their Manteña ancestors.

Rural Area

    Spanish Language Courses in Manta Ecuador
  • La Tiñosa: A rest area with sand dunes and cactus that measure 3 meters high and various plant species.
  • Santa Marianita: Fishermens' rural area.
  • Liguique: Beach far from the urban contour, where you can find rocky areas inhabited by snails, octopi, and lobsters.
  • San Lorenzo's Lighthouse: Wide beaches with wonderful views from the lighthouse where you can see the Isla de la Plata (Island of Silver). This area is part of an ecological reserve called Parque Nacional Machalilla

Outside of Manta

  • Machalilla National Park: With its well known Isla de la Plata offers similar fauna to the Galápagos Islands (2 ½ hours from Manta).
  • Montecristi: Home of the famous Panamá Hats (15 minutes from Manta)
  • San Plácido Waterfalls: Natural waterfalls inside a forest of incredible flora. (2 hours from Manta)
  • La Locita Waterfalls: Natural waterfalls located in the town of Junín. (2 hours from Manta)
  • Bahía de Caráquez: Islas Frigatas, The Orchids Tropical Dry Forest, Island of The Birds, Wetlands of the Río Chone Estuary, Hikes to the Punta Bellaca, and Los
  • Humedales - an impressive ecosystem of lagoons and meadows. (2 ½ hours from Manta)
Manta Cultural Activities

The most common weekly activities at the Sevilla Spanish school, held during the afternoon/ evening, are:

  • Sevillanas dance classes
  • Spanish movie nights
  • City tours by theme and neighborhood (Muslim Manta, Triana, Plaza de España...)
  • Museum visits

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