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If you want to learn and understand Spanish correctly in a relaxing and pleasant, yet professional atmosphere, come to our Spanish Language School in Ecuador. We are situated in the city of Manta on one of the most beautiful beaches on the coast of Ecuador, only 390 Km. (30 minutes by plane) from the capital of Quito.

Manta is a picturesque and important port on the Pacific Ocean, located in a dry tropical forest with an average annual temperature of 25 degrees Celsius (77░ F). Because it has some of South America's most breathtaking beaches, Manta was selected as the site of the sixth South American Windsurfing Championship. It is reknown for its diving and sport fishing. It also serves as the primary industrial port of Ecuador's tuna industry.

Spanish Language Courses in Manta EcuadorIn addition, Manta hosts an International Theater Festival in September. Sporting events take place in November, and also from January through April. In the city, one also finds a selection of first rate night clubs, amusement parks, and casinos.

Manta has a rich history: it was originally settled by the pre-Hispanic Mante˝a culture. Today it is a primary city in the province of Manabý.

Learn Spanish in Ecuador!

"This is just a short note to thank you for all your help in organising the Spanish Classes for me and Elmas Ozdemir at the Spanish School in Manta.

Teachers are excellent. The teachers have the most amazing patience. The afternoon excursions were well worth it, Alonso has a wide knowledge of Ecuadorian history and art that he shared with us. We got a true flavor of life in Manta, its history and its surrounds.

Auxi and Alberto Sanchez, our host family, were great and really went out of their way to help us practice each day. We really pushed our limits with adult conversations. I don't think we would have achieved nearly as much if it hadn't of been for these wonderful people. Their daughters, Michelle and Linda, were good teachers too.

I feel that we went from a 0 skill level to about 4 or 5 years skill level in 5 days. Alonso said that our accents were exactly right. I think it is very impressive and I will be back again in the future to do some more.

Thanks again for a wonderful experience."

Edwina Tims, USA

12 Reasons to Learn Spanish in Manta
  1. Individual one-on-one classes.
  2. Flexible schedule according to your needs.
  3. Classes beginning any day of the week.
  4. Placement test for those with previous experience in Spanish. Beginners are happily accepted.
  5. Qualified teachers with many years of experience.
  6. Books, teaching materials and videos provided.
  7. Guaranteed communicative method is characterized by rapid progress in real life conversations combined with the intensive study of grammar, vocabulary, reading and pronunciation.
  8. Home-stays with carefully selected families include meals, a private bedroom and laundry
  9. Out-of-class experiences with your teacher such as: visits to national parks, beaches and nearby islands, boat trips, water sports, country excursions, and horseback riding (these activities are optional).
  10. Extra services such as airport transportation, money exchange, hotel reservations, ticket purchases, mail, fax and telephone service as well as information, advice and suggestions.
  11. Additional activities such as Ecuadorian cooking classes, and tropical dance classes (Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia, etc.)
  12. No age limit

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Spanish Language Courses in Manta EcuadorIf you want to learn and understand Spanish correctly in a relaxing and pleasant, yet professional atmosphere, come to our Spanish school in Manta, Ecuador. Our Spanish Immersion program is approved by the Ecuadorian Ministry of Education and has Bildungsurlaub recognition for German students. The combination of tropical beaches, climate, and people who are warm and friendly by nature will make your stay unforgettable.

Our programs are designed so you will meet your Spanish goals in a short period of time. Through immersion programs students are normally able to reach in weeks the same level as several years of high school or university study.

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Spanish Language School in Manta, Ecuador
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