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If you're looking for a small, leisurely setting in the Dominican Republic, Sosua is a wonderful alternative to Santo Domingo. Between Sosua and Caberete, you'll find the perfect combination of sports, relaxation, sunny days and stomping nightlife to complement your Spanish study experience.

For many people this Caribbean island is the perfect holiday location; a paradise of sun, sand, and sea all year round. For Christopher Columbus it was the most beautiful place he had ever seen, deserving of the name "La Espanola", while the original inhabitants honored it with the name "Quisqueya", fertile Mother Earth.

The modern name of the island is "Hispaniola"; it is home to the Dominican Republic. The country offers a variety of natural treasures unique in the Caribbean: lush, subtropical vegetation, fertile valleys, mountain ranges up to 10,400 feet (3175 meters) high, and hundreds of kilometers of palm-lined white sand beaches and shimmering turquoise sea.

Located on the island's northern coast, Sosua is famous for its scuba diving and beaches. Despite its modest size, Sosua is an international city with a significant expatriate community committed to keeping the city clean, safe and enjoyable.

Sosua is ideally located 25 km (15 miles) west of Puerto Plata, the bustling provincial capital and 15 minutes east of Cabarete, the Dominican Republic's kite boarding and windsurfing mecca. A stay in Sosua truly allows you to enjoy the best of city and coast.

School Location and Facilities

Our partner school in Sosua is located in the eastern section of the city, in a neighborhood known as "El Batey". Both the city center and Sosua's principal beach are a short walk away.

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