English, Greek and Turkish Language Programs and Courses in Limassol, Cyprus

English, Greek and Turkish Language School in Limassol, Cyprus

Learn English, Greek or Turkish languages at our school in Limassol! Our Language School in Limassol, Cyprus offers English, Modern Greek and Turkish language courses for international students, executives and professionals at all levels.

We also offer TEFL/TESOL Teacher Training Program and Summer Programs for Teens and for adult learners in Limassol. Our summer courses are indeed unique in Europe. They offer participants the opportunity to explore the beautiful island of Aphrodite, discover the Cyprus culture, enjoy the sun and the crystal clear Mediterranean sea, visit archeological sites, taste the local dishes and experience Limassol's exciting night life. Enjoy the relaxing feeling of a TURKISH BATH and try your luck in the casino.

Our English, Greek and Turkish Language School in Limassol is specialised in delivering language course to students, adults and professionals from all over the world. Our experienced and specialised teachers and our 33 years of experience in delivering education, put us amongst the best language and business schools in Europe. We offer a wide range of language and business courses that meet the needs of students of different ages from any country of the world.

The use of exclusive multimedia educational software combined with the unique lingua syllabus is what guarantees success in our language courses.

"I just wanted to pass on some feedback regarding my recent holiday and Modern Greek course in Cyprus. I had a thoroughly enjoyable trip. The school itself was very well resourced, and the quality of teaching very impressive. All staff were very friendly and hospitable, and happy to provide advice both in and out of the classroom. The hotel was also in a beautiful location and very good value for money.

I am pleased to report I would not hesitate to recommend the school to anyone else wishing to study a language in such a lovely Country.

Many thanks for your support throughout.

Holly Allen, UK

English, Greek and Turkish School in Limassol School in LimassolCyprus is a beautiful island that has the all year round warmth of the Mediterranean sun. Limassol is the second largest city of the island of Cyprus, situated between two ancient city-kingdoms: Amathus to the East and Kourion to the West. With a population of less than 200.000 people. Limassol is an ideal location. The city was greatly developed under the rule of Richard the Lionheart, after the destruction of Amathus in 1191. Many important antiquities, remnants of the Byzantine and Frankish eras, are found in the city of Lemesos, evidence of the city's long history. Today Limassol is the main port of the island, the centre of Cyprus's wine industry and a major tourist resort.

English, Greek and Turkish School in Limassol School in LimassolThe city is also known for its lively Carnival Celebrations, the annual Wine Festival and the traditional and spontaneous hospitality of its inhabitants. In the nearby mountainous regions within the district of Lemesos, one can visit picturesque wine producing villages, the cosmopolitan mountain resort of Platres and the beautiful region of Pitsillia. Besides the long list of historical landmarks and popular tourist sites including The Limassol Medieval Castle, The Kolossi Castle , The Carob Museum, Folk Art Museum, The Great Mosque, Sculpture Park, galleries, archaeological sites and many other, Limassol boasts of its clean sandy beaches which stretch along the coast for more than 60km!

For the night-life-lovers, Limassol has also much to offer at the beck and call of every purse from local taverns, pubs, discos, theatres, cinemas, dance halls, cabarets, international and local cuisine, fish restaurants and many other social and cultural venues.

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