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Santiago is the safest and the most prosperous city of South America! And that is not the only thing; it also offers the best living standard of the region.

Santiago is an important starting point for a lot of sports like rafting, hiking, mountaineering (climbing) and skiing. All those activities you can also practise in other parts of Chile. Santiago is situated in the centre of Chile and consequently an attractive place, as you can easily go on trips and travel comfortably to the north and the south of the country.

Santiago has about 5 million habitants and offers with its theatres, numerous bars, salsa and dance clubs countless cultural and entertaining possibilities. Furthermore it is the best starting point for travels to the most attractive parts of the country, as for example the desert in the north or the Lake District with its beautiful forests and mountains.

There are innumerable possibilities for going on day or weekend trips, for example to the beach or to the mountains. Santiago offers fantastic holidays during all the seasons, thanks to its closeness to the nature, the attractive location and a pleasant cSantiagote!

School Location and Facilities

Santiago Language CoursesOur school is located in the Providencia neighborhood, one of the best neighbourhoods of Santiago. Providencia is an upper-middle class neighbourhood, safe at all hours and has many housing options available. It is the ideal location for your Spanish immersion: close by a lot of restaurants, bars, cafes, attractive parks, museums, cinemas and shops. It is a very nice place, which connects culture, outdoor activities and fun with big attraction.

Our school building is a big, traditional and very comfortable house with a big patio. We have 15 class rooms, community areas with free internet access, where our students can enjoy the breaks.

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