TESOL/TKT Diploma Program in Toronto

Our TESOL Diploma program is designed with a similar curriculum as the TESL Diploma. However, this program is taught at a pace that is more comfortable to those whose native language is not English, or for those who have not studied in great length.

Much like the TESL program, the TESOL is also a very demanding program requiring that students commit a large portion of outside time to their homework and assignments. The duration of the course is longer and the modules of the program cover teaching and English skills at the same time.

This course is intended for native English speakers without a post secondary education who wish to teach English overseas, or non-native speakers with a desire to teach English in their home country. This program is used to teach English overseas only.

In addition to receiving a TESOL Diploma from International House, graduates will also be prepared to take the Teaching Knowledge Test from the University of Cambridge. This exam tests you on the core teaching knowledge to teach varying age levels and proficiency levels. By having this exam score, you will become more marketable.

Time and Duration Monday to Friday from 9am to 1:45pm for 10 weeks
Observation 10 hours are completed during the 10 weeks
Practicum Completed during the 10 weeks
Taught in class with your fellow teacher trainees
Exam TESOL final exam written on campus
Cambridge TKT exam (optional) written on campus

In order to take the TESOL Diploma program, you must have the following:

  • A high school diploma
  • English level of upper intermediate or higher
  • A keen desire to teach English as a career

TESOL Course Aims

When you graduate from the International House TESOL Program, you will be knowledgable in the following areas:

  • Classroom Management: How to organize a successful and effective classroom and how to deal with any problems which may arise

  • Lesson planning: You will be able to create interesting, challenging and stimulating lesson plans for your students

  • Grammar: You will have a detailed knowledge of several key grammar areas and be able to apply them to teach at several different levels

  • Pronunciation: You will be able to teach Pronunciation successfully and have a thorough knowledge of key aspects of the sounds and structure of the English Language

  • Teaching Skills: You will be able to teach Speaking, Reading, Listening, Writing, Vocabulary, and Grammar lessons with confidence.

  • Vocabulary: You will increase your own vocabulary during the course with our special emphasis at International House on developing the students' range of vocabulary

  • Assessing and Motivating your students: You will be ready and have the skills to assess a student's level of English with our practical Assessment Techniques and be able to motivate your students to better perform

  • The International House TESOL Teacher Training Program takes pride in the fact that we create a supportive and encouraging environment for all our Teacher Trainees.

TESOL Syllabus

We focus on the ESA Model while also examining several other approaches such as Task-based Learning and Communicative Language Teaching.

Detailed look at Lesson Planning: How to write an effective, structured lesson plan. (All TESOL students will teach 5 Lessons during the TESOL Program)

Teaching Skills: We train you how to teach Speaking, Reading, Listening, Writing, Vocabulary, and Grammar lessons and how to plan challenging and stimulating exercises for each different skill.

Grammar Workshops: We offer six grammar workshops on the program. Parts of Speech, Verb Tenses, Conditional Sentences, Modal Verbs, The Active and Passive Voice, Reported Speech

Pronunciation Workshops: We offer six Pronunciation Workshops during the Program. These focus on:Using the IPA Chart, Vowels and Consonants, Word and Sentence Stress, Syllables, Intonation and Connected Speech

During the program we examine how to teach Beginner students, Teenagers, Children and look at a range of different Learning Styles such as Auditory, Kinasthetic and Visual.

Classroom Management: Teacher positioning, Monitoring, Teacher Talking Time and Student Talking Time. Problems that occur in a classroom and how to deal with them. Student groupings.

Observations: All TESOL Trainees will complete 10 hours of Classroom Observations where they will observer our International House teachers

Assignments: One Observation Report, Essay, Oral Presentation

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