Homestay Accomodation

Our homestay provides a safe, friendly and secure environment for students, while giving them the opportunity to experience and enjoy the local culture.


  • Homestay Distance: 35-60 minutes on average (bus or train)
  • 24 hour emergency phone number
  • Airport Transfers - return available
  • Executive full board - Internet, Private Bathroom, Private TV (subject to availability)
  • Full board 3 meals per day (single and double rooms available)
  • Half board 2 meals per day (single and double rooms available)

  • Your Homestay experience:
    1. - Airport pick-up optional
      - Home-cooked meals with opportunities for dinner time conversation
      - Your own private room with bed, desk and reading light

Hostel Accomodation

Our hostel is located in the downtown core of Toronto. The school is approximately 15 minutes away by transit. Families and groups are welcome. The hostel has a strict no smoking policy so there are no rooms designated for smokers. Smoking is only permitted outside. Single rooms are equipped with a bed, desk and closet. Some rooms have en-suite bathrooms (shower, sink and toilet). There are also dorm rooms which have 2 or 4 beds.

The dorm rooms are mainly co-ed although they do have some designated all female or all male. The basement houses the kitchen facilities for the entire hostel (3 stoves and 2 refrigerators). Guests are assigned shelves for their food. Everyone is responsible for cleaning up after themselves. The common eating area is located next to the kitchen. Among the common areas is a television lounge, a central lounge on the main floor that includes internet kiosks, pool table, video game machines and a sitting area.

When the weather is nice, guests can enjoy the rooftop patio. Shower and bathroom areas are shared facilities unless otherwise stated. There are coin-operated laundry facilities on the premises. Bed linens, towels, cooking and eating utensils are provided by the hostel.

Residence Accommodation

The Residence accommodation is located downtown within walking distance to the school (approximately 15 minutes), Yonge Street and all amenities. Each room is equipped with a single bed (suitable for one person), a dresser, desk, chair, closet and sink. There are rooms designated as smoking or non-smoking. There are also a limited number of double rooms. There is no discount for the shared accommodation. On each floor there are washrooms, a coin-operated laundry and a kitchen which are all shared facilities. There is a television lounge available for students on each floor and this common area is a good way of interacting with others on their floor.

The building is also equipped with a swimming pool and fitness room. Students can arrange through The Residence to have their own internet access. As The Residence is within walking distance to the school many students choose not to buy a transit pass. Students have to provide their own cooking and eating utensils and their own soaps for personal hygiene, laundry and doing the dishes. Bed linens and towels are available on a limited basis. Space is limited especially during the summer months of May to September.

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