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English Language School in Toronto offers high quality English (ESL) programs to the students from over 60 different countries. We offer English language courses for college students and interested adults, executives and professionals, junior summer camp programs for children and teens. Our school is also an internationally recognized English Teacher Training Center.

Toronto is the ideal place to learn English. Situated on the shore of Lake Ontario, Toronto is the world's first truly global city. With a diverse population of over 4 million people, it is the largest city in Canada and offers students an unparalleled urbanexperience.

Theatre, shopping, dining, professional sports including hockey, basketball and baseball, and a great night life are just a few of the activities available in our great city! Toronto is only a two-hour drive from the breath-taking Niagara Falls while New York City is only a day's drive away.

Come celebrate our 30th anniversary with us! English Language School in Toronto is a leader in the ESL industry with a wealth of experience. It is one of the most established schools in Canada.

We offer superb facilities in the fashionable Yorkville area, multinational classes and an interactive curriculum. Our dynamic teachers and friendly staff will ensure your English learning experience is rewarding and fun!

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Toronto Language Courses Whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced English speaker, our English language courses will give you the skills and confidence necessary to get to the next level of proficiency.

Our English ESL courses will increase your speaking, listening and conversation abilities, improve your knowledge of practical grammar structures, expand your vocabulary and improve pronunciation skills and build your confidence to use English in a variety of settings.

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Credentials and Memberships

The English Language School in Toronto, Canada, is affiliated with the following organizations:
  • CAPLS: Canadian Association of Private Language Schools
  • CLC: Canada Language Council
  • TESL Canada: Teaching English as a Second Language in Canada

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