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About CELTA program in Cape Town

CELTA is a full-day intensive teacher training course. It runs from Monday to Friday, in the morning, for 4 consecutive weeks. The 4-week course is extremely practical and we aim to provide you with a firm grounding in teaching skills and techniques. We also help you to develop your language awareness and your sensitivity to the difficulties experienced by the learner.

The 4-week full-time course is very intensive, involving at least 120 contact hours. The group size is limited to 12 participants, which helps to create a friendly and personal atmosphere. Each day consists of input sessions and teaching practice. The group is split into 2 smaller groups.

Trainees are assessed on a continual basis in all the syllabus areas with particular emphasis on their teaching ability and potential. Halfway through the course trainees have a one-to-one tutorial with the trainer, and are told how they are doing and what aspects need extra work. At the end of the course, a grade (PASS A, PASS B or PASS) is awarded to successful participants, who will then receive the Cambridge Certificate.

The course consists of 4 components:

1. Input Sessions - These sessions consist of workshops, discussions, lectures, peer teaching and video viewing and cover the following areas:

  • Analysis of language from a foreign learner's perspective
  • Learner motivation, needs and expectations
  • Lesson planning and syllabus design
  • Classroom management and the role of the teacher
  • Approaches and techniques for introducing and practicing language and for developing language skills
  • Materials selection and evaluation

2. Teaching Practice - Teaching practice is an integral part of the course. It is organised in small groups of 5 or 6 trainees with volunteer students at two different levels and takes place every day. After each teaching practice session, a reflection and evaluation of the session is led by a course tutor. Personalized, individual, written feedback is also given.

3. Observation - The observation of formally qualified, practicing teachers is an intrinsic part of the course and takes place outside the main timetable.

4. Written Assignments - There are four written assignments to be completed during the course. These are of a practical nature and are designed to support the development of the teaching practice of course participants.

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