Our Teachers & Method of Teaching German:

The school's teachers are well-experienced and all are university, college and academy educated in German as a foreign language and the lessons make use of the most up to date texts and methods. The emphasis is on speaking and comprehension. Because of the very small classes (between 2 and 6 people per class), you progress much faster than if you were in a class with 15 or 20 other students.

Our methodology focuses on speaking and listening. Grammar is very important and we teach it through our very communicative approach without being tedious, boring and repetitive. You will speak, rather than analyze the language. The key to learning a new language is communication. Because communication includes reading and writing, they are included throughout our programs.

We offer immersion German language courses. Learning a foreign language in the country where it is spoken is almost universally accepted as the best method of learning. At our German Language School in Tyrol, we insist that students speak German all the time and our free time program is organised so that students have plenty of opportunities to speak German and discuss issues as well as enjoy the environment and learn about the Austrian people, history and culture. The school is well equipped with books, videos, cassettes, newspapers, magazines and text books which students may borrow for private study.

We offer course for all levels. On your first day, you will be asked to take a test (unless you're a beginner) to establish your level of German so that we can put you in the right class for you. Some students also ask to take an exit test at the end of their course to check their progress and compare this with the test they took on their first day. All exit tests and exams are voluntary and we are happy to organise them on request.

German Language Courses in Tyrol, Austria: Course Guide.

German Language Courses in Austria You will speak German in the very first hour. We want you to be able to speak, read, understand and write in German as quickly as possible, which is important for you. Our trainers understand various teaching methods which are used to insure your utmost success.

You will study German in small groups: on average our German group courses only have 3 - 4 students, so you can learn German more intensively.

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