Timetable Eastern Europe Week (Week 5)

Timetable for week 5:

  • Monday. Leave Kitzbühel 10:00, arrive in Salzburg. Tour of Salzburg and some free time. Continue to Vienna. Arrive in Vienna, settle into hotel, evening meal.

  • Tuesday. Tour of Vienna, some free time. Monday evening, visit to Lower Austria to experience the Heurigenabende (excellent wines, plus evening meal).

  • Wednesday. Drive to Budapest, settle into hotel, tour of Budapest, evening meal.

  • Thursday. Tour of Budapest, some free time. Evening meal.

  • Friday. Drive to Prague. Tour of Prague, some free time.

  • Saturday. Drive to Budweis, visit beer factory.

  • Sundays. Drive back to Kitzbühel.

* This is an example of a possible program. It can be modified to allow for special interest of the group.

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