How do I get to the school?

By plane:

Munich: Most people fly to Munich airport, and get the very good taxi service from the airport to Kitzbühel. This is an ideal arrangement, because then all you need to do is book flights and the school's own staff book you a taxi which will bring you directly to your room. This saves you having to get the underground train into the centre of Munich, and then the mainline train.

Salzburg: You may be able to fly to Salzburg airport. The connection from Salzburg airport to Kitzbühel is easiest by bus. There is a bus that goes regularly from the airport itself, with one change before arriving in Kitzbühel. You then get a taxi from the bus terminal to your accommodation. There is also a direct train from Salzburg to Kitzbühel. To get this, you would have to take a taxi from the airport to the railway station, and then another taxi from Kitzbühel station to your accommodation.

Innsbruck: You may also be able to fly to Innsbruck airport. From there you get a bus to the mainline station, and then a direct train from Innsbruck to Kitzbühel; you then take a taxi from Kitzbühel station to your accommodation.

By train

Kitzbühel is well connected by rail. You can travel from all over Europe by train to Kitzbühel.

What happens when I arrive?

Most students arrive on a Sunday afternoon or evening. Your taxi driver will help you with your luggage and the owner of your bed and breakfast accommodation will be there to greet you. She will show you to your room and give you some information about the town and the area. She will also show you the breakfast room.

After unpacking and recovering from your journey, you are then invited to the welcome evening for new students. This usually takes place in the guesthouse near the school, the Gasthaus Eisenbad. This is a three minute walk from the school in the direction of the town. The room administrator will also tell you where this is. The director, Hans Ebenhöh, usually attends to welcome the newcomers and give any further information and answer any questions you may have. Most people enjoy sitting together with the other students, drinking beer or coffee and getting to know everyone. You are encouraged to use German at all times, but it is of course understood that you are here to learn and may need some help in your own language to begin with. This is true for most newly arrived students, and nobody expects you to be fluent on your first day. It is a very relaxed atmosphere in the guesthouse and an ideal introduction to the school. There is food available at the guesthouse until midnight.

If you've had a long journey, you may not want to do anything except sleep. No problem - attendance at social functions are entirely optional.

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The Course

What should I bring?

A dictionary, 2 notebooks and coloured pens. It is useful to have 2 notebooks, one for new vocabulary, and one for the exercises in class. Text books and other teaching materials are provided, but it is advisable to have a good system of keeping your notes together. Coloured pens are also a good idea. Studies have shown that colour helps with learning, and a popular method of teaching vocabulary at the school is to get students to write masculine nouns in one colour, feminine in another and neutral in a third.

Can I extend my course?

We are always very pleased if a student has enjoyed the course so much he/she would like to extend. This is usually possible and you can usually retain the room you originally booked. There may be some pressure during the high seasons, but we make every possible effort to ensure that you can stay on and further your studies.

Can I take an exam?

Yes. We can prepare you for the Österreichisches Sprachdiplom (ÖSD) which is an internationally recognised exam for German as a foreign language. the school is not authorised to supervise the exam itself however, but we will make all the necessary arrangements to book you onto an exam at the nearest examination centre. You can also take it at the Austrian Culture Institute in your own country after a course at the school.

Some students ask to take an exit test at the end of their course to check their progress and compare this with the test they took on their first day. All tests and exams are voluntary and we are happy to organise them on request.

Can I have an attendance certificate?

Certainly! A lot of students request an attendance certificate and if you would like one, please just notify the school's staff before the end of your last week.

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Where is the nearest bank?

There is a bank 3 minutes walk from the school. You can get cash from the cash machine outside the bank, or change money inside during banking hours. In the town centre, there are of course plenty of banks.

Is there a supermarket near the school?

Yes, there are 2 supermarkets a few minutes further on from the bank. These are open from 08:00 to 19:00 Monday to Friday and 08:00 to 17:00 on Saturdays. They are closed on Sundays, so it is always a good idea to stock up on Saturdays with bread, cans of drink, cornflakes or whatever your favourite snacks are.

Can I buy cigarettes/newspapers/stamps near the school?

There is a newspaper and tobacco shop 5 minutes walk from the school.

Where are the nearest telephones?

The use of mobile (cell) phones has grown so much that there are no public phones near the school. There are a few in the centre of town though.

Is there a gym or a swimming pool in Kitzbühel?

The gym is a 5 minute walk from the school and students from the school get a specially discounted membership rate (or weekly rate depending how long you're staying). The swimming pool is in the town centre.

Are there any golf courses in Kitzbühel?

There are 4 golf courses around the town. See the town's tourist website for more information at www.kitzbuehel.com If you have any special requirements please email us and we'll be glad to get further information for you.

Is there a riding school in Kitzbühel?

Yes, you can either take lessons at the riding school or go on a ride-out through the beautiful mountain passes. The riding school is not too far from the school, just about walkable although it is up hill. Most students get a taxi there and walk back.

Is there a laundrette in Kitzbühel?

There's a laundrette near the post office in Kitzbühel. You have to leave your washing there and pick it up the next day.

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What happens if I need a doctor?

The school staff can recommend an appropriate doctor for your particular complaint and make an appointment for you by telephone. You can pay for the visit in cash and then claim the money back from your medical insurance when you get home, unless you have a European Health Insurance Card.

What about emergency hospital treatment?

It is advisable to take out medical insurance before you leave home. If you're a member of the European Union then bring your European Medical Insurance Card.

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Can I use my credit card?

Unfortunately, you cannot pay by credit card at the school. Most people send money by electronic transfer. In town, however, most shops accept credit cards.

How can I get money?

You can get money from cash machines, which accept Visa, Mastercard and various other internationally accepted credit cards. Or you can transfer cash by electronic transfer. Please send us an email if you're concerned about this.

What is the Austrian currency?

The euro.

How much money will I need?

Meals: Breakfast is included in the price of the room. Lunch can be very cheap if you buy bread rolls etc from the supermarket, and dinner can also be fairly cheap (a pizza for example is about 6 Euro) at our nearest guesthouse.

Skiing: In the ski season, you may have a lot of costs relating to lift passes, ski and boot hire - please send us an email with the number of weeks you are here, your probable dates (prices vary for high and low seasons) and whether you need to hire skis etc and we can give you an estimate. Or look at the Bergbahn website at www.bergbahn-kitzbuehel.at under "rates" which gives the price of lift passes.

Trips/ school excursions: If we go to Salzburg or Innsbruck, we ask for the cost of petrol only, and depending on the number of students opting to come, the price can be between 5 Euro and 10 Euro per trip. These trips may include optional visits to museums.

Other costs: postcards, telephones, internet cafés, etc are about average for Europe. Kitzbühel is not particularly expensive, although some restaurants can be pricey.

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How can I telephone home?

There are no public phones near the school anymore since the growth in mobile phone use. There are some in town though.

Is there an internet café in Kitzbühel?

Yes, there are several. You will be given a full information pack on your first day, which contains a map of the town. If you need access to the internet, please ask at this first session for directions to the internet cafés (they are right by a bus stop).

If you have a laptop, you can use the school's wireless internet connection.

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Can I get work in Kitzbühel?

If you are a member of the European Union, you will have no difficulty finding work during the high seasons of summer and winter in Kitzbühel. Most employers prefer that you stay for a whole season, so if you were planning on doing a course first and then working, you would be best advised to book onto the course during the low season and find work during that time which you can then begin after your course.

If you are from outside the Union, you will need a work permit. If you would like more information on this subject, contact the Austrian Embassy in your own country for any special arrangements it may have with Austria.

What sort of work is available?

The work is strongly seasonal and mainly hotel and restaurant work.

Can I work as a ski instructor?

Yes. We have a special course designed to get you through the prestigious Austrian ski or snowboard instructors' exam. See our other homepage www.gap-year.at

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Minimum Age

Is there a minimum age at the school?

Yes, it is 16.

I am under 16, can I study at the school?

It depends. If your family is coming with you, or an older relative or friend who can take responsibility for you, then there probably would not be much problem. We often make arrangements for younger students on this basis.

The problem is the accommodation. Most of our students arrive alone, and don't have too much difficulty making their way to the school from train stations and airports. They are accommodated in single or shared rooms, each person having their own room key. The school building owners are of course responsible for normal fire and other security measures, but apart from that there is nobody who is responsible for ensuring that students get back to their rooms at any particular time, and nobody who can ensure that they do not go into bars or nightclubs in town.

There is a very friendly pension near the school run by a very welcoming family. This pension is suitable for younger students, who prefer accommodation similar to a home-stay arrangement, but it is not homestay as such and a relative or older friend is necessary.

If you are under 16 and would like to study at the school, please send us an email with your particular circumstances, and we will see if we can come to a suitable arrangement which ensures your safety.

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