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Our English+ Work program is the perfect option for students seeking to work and study in Australia. As part of the program we offer students assistance in finding work in Sydney and guarantee them one job offer. Students can then improve their English, gain work experience and earn money at the same time. The Work Package includes:

  • Guidance with your resume/CV
  • Personal interview to discuss potential work opportunities and the best job options
  • Advice on interview techniques
  • Arrangement of job interviews
  • Assistance with applying for a tax file number
  • Assistance with setting up a bank account
  • Free email and internet access

Placement into a job through this program generally takes only 2 to 3 weeks, but occasionally may take longer, depending on the candidate and the job market.

The types of jobs we offer are temporary or casual and in non-professional roles. They include retail assistant, cleaning, picking and packing, charity and promotions work, waitressing (experience essential) and barista (experience essential) work.

You will earn the minimum award wage at least. Typically the rate of pay is between AU $12 - AU $18 per hour, depending on the type of job.

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