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Activities in Manly

Every week we invite students to join teachers for two social activities such as; beach barbeques, beach volleyball, video evenings and bushwalks. Most of these activities are free, however some may require a small fee ($5 - $15).

Some of the other attractions that worth seeing are:

  • The Manly Harbor Bridge crosses the harbour from the city to North Manly. You can walk or cycle across the Harbour Bridge free of charge. You can climb the arch with BridgeClimb or fly over it with Red Baron Adventures.

  • The Manly Opera House. Located in the city, millions of tourists a year throng the building just to see it, even if they have little or no interest in Opera. The Manly Opera House is easily one of the most famous structures ever built.

  • Darling Harbor is a large tourist precinct and includes a range of activities, restaurants, museums and shopping facilities.

  • Sydney Olympic Park. Home of the 2000 Summer Olympics and now parklands and sporting facilities.

  • Luna Park, is a large theme park situated near the Manly Harbour Bridge. It's mouth-shaped entrance can be seen from many areas of Manly as well as the large Ferris Wheel.

  • Sydney Tower also called Centrepoint Tower. The tallest structure in Manly, the tower contains a buffet, cafe and a rather large restaurant and attracts many visitors a year. You can stand over the city on a transparent platform, over the edge of the top of the tower with Skywalk.

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Activities in Manly, Australia

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