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Our school in Buenos Aires is located in Balgrano, one of the lovely residential neighborhoods of Buenos Aires. It sits next to the trendy Palermo in a beautiful independent house with offices, 6 multi-media classrooms, an internet cafe, a kitchen, study/leisure space, and balconies with a view over the leafy Avenue, and a small green garden.

Walk outside of the school and find yourself surrounded by quaint shops, cafeterias, cinemas, restaurants and pubs. There are endless options of what one can do during any given day and they are all situated within walking distance of the school. Three blocks away is the famous Plaza "Barrancas de Belgrano" where students can go and sit to enjoy the day or put in some studying time. Only twenty minutes away from the school is the happening downtown life for those students who want to partake in the fast pace life of this attractive city.

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