Spanish language courses in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Spanish and Culture courses in Buenos Aires

This workshop is tailored to people who would like to learn more about the Argentine culture and combine it with the Spanish language. It is an interactive course that teaches you in a practical and creative way more about the Argentine culture. You will have the option of focusing on one of two specific areas:

  • Leather
  • Argentine traditional music

As all of our cultural courses must be booked in conjunction with Spanish classes, you can study Spanish in the morning and have your cultural option in the afternoon. If you choose the music option, our teachers will enlighten you with the traditional Argentine music. The songs, lyrics and local instruments, such as el Arpa, el Acordean, la Armonica, el Bombo, la Quena y el Bandoneon will make you an expert on the beautiful music you hear calling out to you in the streets.

In addition, learn about the influence of European music on the indigenous culture and how Argentine music came to be so well known as it is today.

Argentina is famous for its great Tango scene. The seductive Tango originated in local bars and port areas in Buenos Aires where the influence of the immigrating Europeans played a great role in its evolution. As a result, the Tango today has influences from old Milonga songs (songs of the rural gauchos), habanera (Cuban music), Polka and Mazurka (Slavic music), Contradanza (Spanish music), Flamenco (from Andalucia (Southern Spain)), as well as Italian folk music.

All of these unique sounds have created the most famous dance in all of Argentina calling people from around the world to come and enjoy its pleasures.

In this workshop you will not only learn how to dance, but also learn about the art of the Tango, where and how it was born, and how it has become so famous today. This workshop will give you all of the information you need in order to approach this dance with the tools necessary so you can dance like a pro. Come and and learn about this beautiful and artistic gem that one can only find in Buenos Aires - and dance!

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