International German Summer Camp for Teens in Mannheim

International Junior German Summer Camp for Teens in Mannheim, Germany is located at the river Rhine in the federal state of Baden-Württemberg. This camp offers learners aged 14 - 17 from all over the world the opportunity to improve their German language skills, and enjoy varied and exciting activity programs.

Mannheim has a very prominent baroque palace with one of the world biggest palace garden. Several centuries ago the city was divided squares, this can be seen in the structure of the city till today. Cultural important institutions are the "Nationaltheater", which is tightly connected with the person of the famous poem Friedrich Schiller, and the "Popakademie Baden-Württemberg", which trains young pop musicians on a high level.

International Residential German Summer Camp for Teens in Mannheim offers German classes, accommodation, catering, sports and social facilities at lake Grosser Woog in Mannheim.

The summer camp program includes daily activities: leisure time program in the afternoon and in the evening activity program.

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