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Spanish Language School in Caracas

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Caracas, cosmopolitan capital of Venezuela, where you will learn Spanish and discover a city of spring weather all year long, are also available for its visitors fine restaurants, select shops, museums, parks, zoos, night life, theaters, and one of the most modern underground transportation.

The intensive Spanish Program is suitable to your academic, professional, commercial or social needs. You will take advantage of our outstanding teaching method by going through a systematic plan of classes on the structure and use of the language, combined with pleasant workshops. Where the student improves its communication and comprehension capacity. The courses are taken in small groups or private tutoring.

Two excursions are offered every week as an efficient mean to complement the Spanish learning process. A 3 hour visit to a historic, cultural or tourist site will be included.

Spanish Language School on Margarita Island

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Learn Spanish on Margarita Island, one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean, only 30 minutes from Venezuela´s mainland. Our school is located in a very quiet residential area, far away from tourism. Our staff is highly qualified, experienced and multilingual. The island has 82 different beaches and many opportunities to relax and have fun!

In addition to the regular intensive Spanish courses for 5 levels, the Spanish Language School on Margarita Island also offers 4 Spanish courses for speacial purposes with internship:
  • law
  • medicine
  • business
  • tourism
In December and July, the School organizes actualization courses in hIPSAnic civilization for Spanish teachers.

We prepare our interested students for the DELE (Official Spanish Diploma from the Spanish Ministry of Education and Sports and from the Universidad de Salamanca).

During our excursions we will take you around Margarita, which is a lovely Caribbean Island and has recently emerged as a tourist playground. In Margarita you will find 167 km of inviting beaches, all with different atmosphere and possibilities to practice sports or simply relax. Porlamar, with 300.000 habitants is the biggest city on the Island, with many shops, walks, pubs and an interesting night life

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