Spanish Language schools and Spanish courses in Peru

Spanish Language Schools in Peru offer you a unique opportunity of studying Spanish in immersion settings. Select a city for learning Spanish in Peru and review IPSA Spanish Language Schools in Peru, explore in details Spanish Language learning study abroad opportunities and apply to our Spanish language schools online!

Spanish Language school in Lima Peru
Lima School

Spanish Language school in Cusco Peru
Cusco School

Learn Spanish Language in Peru with IPSA!

Studying Spanish at our Spanish Language schools in Peru is the perfect opportunity to learn about Peruvian life and culture. The Spanish language skills you will gain should set you on the path for future success, wherever and whatever that may be.

Spanish Language Schools in Peru are unique in their intimate approach to acquiring Spanish through total cultural and language immersion abroad. We believe it is imperative to integrate our institution's academic setting within the modern life of each individual city in Peru.

Welcome to the land of the mysterious Incas, high Andean mountains, steamy rainforests and inviting beaches! Whether you're after River Rafting or hiking the Inca trail, Peru has it all! Enjoy Machu Picchu, the Manu or Tambopata rain forest reserve, Cusco, capital of the ancient Inca empire, the Sacred Valley, Arequipa's Colca Canyon, or Lake Titicaca. With 103 possible ecological zones and a rich cultural heritage, Peru offers something for everyone.

International Partners for Study Abroad offer you a wide variety of Spanish language immersion courses in Peru and introduce you to various aspects of Peruvian culture and society. Spanish language lessons at our schools focus on communication; beyond grammar books and written exercises, our professors include a variety of oral and listening elements with up-to-date technology to stimulate a comprehensive understanding of the Spanish language and Peruvian Culture.

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Spanish Language Schools in Peru:

Spanish Language School in Lima Spanish Language School in Lima is located on the cost, in the prestigious Miraflores neighborhood, just a couple of blocks from the pacific shores the temperature is warm year round. Miraflores is one of the most secure and modern neighborhoods in Lima, with a wide variety of restaurants, hotels, discos, parks, modern shopping centers, beaches and tourist places to visit.

Spanish Language School in Lima is the perfect place for a Spanish Learning Experience!

Lima, is the capital and largest city of Peru. It is located on a coast overlooking the Pacific Ocean with the seaport of Callao. Lima, a city of history and culture, endless beaches, hills and mountains, nightlife, the possibility to know Cusco, Machu Pichu and much more! Although four hundred years have passed since its foundation, Lima, known as the 'City of the Kings', has managed to hold onto its traditions, fashion and religious celebrations from Pre-Inca and Inca times.

Spanish language courses and programs at our Spanish school are designed so you will meet your Spanish goals in a short period of time. Through Spanish immersion programs students are normally able to reach in months, or even weeks, the same level as several years of high school or university Spanish language study.

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Spanish language school and courses in Cusco Spanish Language School in Cisco is located in a colonial building at only one block from the main square, the 'Plaza de las Armas' Part of the building is dedicated to student accommodation.

The school has 25 classrooms of different sizes, the smaller ones being uses for individual lessons. The school is equipped with a multimedia classroom, a very spacious meeting room, a sunny terrace, and a cafe "La Tertulia" the perfect meeting point for students.

Currently, the school program runs at three locations: the beautiful city of Cusco, the picturesque village of Urubamba (in the Sacred Valley of the Incas) and the Rainforest of MANU. Take advantage of studying at either or all three locations, each highlighting a different aspect of Peruvian culture. The school also offers a Volunteer Program which provides the unique opportunity to live and work in Peru while cultivating a superior level of Spanish proficiency.

The school is known for its interactive, communicative and personal teaching methods. Standard group or individual programs include four hours of instruction per day from Monday to Friday. The complementary cultural courses (freely included in all programs) are an excellent complement of the course since they are a great way of improving your Spanish in activities all directed towards learning in a dynamic environment where you will learn about Latin American and Peruvian culture.

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