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The German language is a West Germanic language and one of the world's major languages. German is closely related to and classified alongside English and Dutch. Around the world, German is spoken by almost 100 million native speakers and also almost 30 million non-native speakers, and Standard German is widely taught in schools and universities in Europe. Worldwide, German accounts for the most written translations into and from a language.

German is spoken primarily in Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, in 70%+ of Switzerland, in Italy (Alto Adige/Südtirol), in the East Cantons of Belgium, and in some border villages of the former South Jutland County of Denmark.

IPSA German Language Schools offer you a wide variety of German immersion programs and introduce you to various aspects of culture and society in all major German-speaking countries.

Whether you are a teenager, a university student, executive or professional, and whatever is the reason for improving your German language skills, you will find our program to match your learning needs and budget.
IPSA German Language Schools in Austria and Germany

One of our German Language Schools in Austria is located in the center of the Austria's Capital City - Vienna. Another one is a small school located in Tyrol, the internationally famous ski resort in the Austrian Alps, surrounded by exceptional natural beauty.

Our German Language school in Hamburg and Heidelberg offers outstanding value for students who wish to learn German and experience life in Germany.
Programs by Location:
Austria, Tyrol
- Intensive Group Course
- Private Courses
- Ski instructors' exams
- Courses for Seniors
Austria, Vienna
- Intensive Group Course
- German and Music
- Evening Courses
- Business German
- KDS Preparation Course
- Private Course
Germany, Hamburg
- Intensive Group Course
- TestDaF Preparation
- Private Courses
- German for Executives
Germany, Heidelberg
- Intensive Group Course
- DSH Preparation
Ski instructors' exams
The Intensive German language course and Austrian ski / snowboard instructors' program is a 12-week course that will focus on you becoming fluent in German and to work as a ski instructor at a local ski resort. Click here to learn more.
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Refresh Courses
Refresh Courses

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