Learn English Worldwide! English for Law.

Legal English classes at English Language School in San Diego prepare individuals for activities in which legal concepts and terminology in the English language are important to international communication and commerce.

The program is composed of English courses emphasizing legal usage and covers topics such as:

  • Legal Contracts
  • International transactions
  • International shipping and transportation
  • Liability for products
  • International antitrust regulations
  • International business dispute resolutions

English for Law courses at English Language School in Denver, Colorado include:

Amercian Legal English

English Language Courses in Denver Provides a basic introduction to the U.S. legal system while combining elements of law with language to enhance communication in a legal context. Reading, writing, listening, and speaking activities are included in this program. Legal terminology is introduced through study of the legal system.

Barron's Business Law

English Language Courses in Denver A program introducing the language of law as well as the structure of U.S. law. This program can be tailored to meetthe specific law-related needs and interests of the client.

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