Spanish courses on Margarita Island, Venezuela

Our school on Margarita Island is a small and very personal school. We take a limited number of students each month. For us it is very important for the success in learning that the groups never have more than seven students, with a mean of three to four students per teacher, depending on the season.

Since the year of its foundation in 1997, our school has had more than one thousand students of different nationalities, ages, professions and interests. Our teachers have a wide experience in the teaching of the E.L.E., and some of them master other languages as well.

Except for the Beginners level, in which some key explanations are given in other languages, the lessons are in Spanish.

To guarantee the teaching at the right level, we have developed several level tests. We highly recommend to fill out the test, so we can place you in the right group from the first day on. This also allows to offer the classes in homogeneous groups and to know the skill of the new students in the Spanish language.

At our Spanish school you will always receive personal attention. Because we keep our school small, we can attend the individual needs of every single student. Our school is one of the Spanish schools in Venezuela with the most complete collection of Spanish learning methods for each learning style.

Spanish courses on Margarita Island, Venezuela

Be it that you choose our classes in group, private, or one of our courses with specific purposes, the instruction you will receive will aim your individual needs and interests. Our instruction is centered in the student. Click on the link below to review a brief summary of what you can expect from each program:

  • Spanish Group courses
    Our intensive Spanish Programs will meet any of your academic, professional, commercial or social needs.

  • Spanish Private courses
    If you prefer to learn Spanish in your own rythm with special attention to your interests and needs, private tuition is the best alternative for learning as much as possible in short time.

  • Medical Spanish
    The main goal of the Spanish course for medicine is to improve the Spanish language skills in order to be able to communicate with patients, gain confidence and be able to help to recover and maintain himself and his family healthy.

  • Business Spanish
    The Spanish course is specially designed for professionals and students with an interest in business and law fields.

  • Spanish for Tourism
    This Spanish language course is designed for people who work in travel agencies,for tour operators, hotel employees, incentives and event agencies or for any other person working in the tourism industry.

  • Spanish for Teachers
    The course is destined for Spanish Teachers, Language and Philology students of the last semester with interest in teaching Spanish as a foreign language.

  • Spanish and Cooking
    If you like cooking and eating, you will enjoy this short Venezuelan cooking course. It was conceived as an additional activity for our Spanish language students, but also other persons, that are not taking Spanish lessons with us, can participate.

Spanish Levels

Spanish courses are offered in five levels of knowledge: Beginners (no previous knowledge), Intermediate A, Intermediate B, Advanced and Superior. Each level has a program of 50 lessons organized in two weeks. Due to the size of the groups, and our programs being based on a progression that is grammatical, lexical, morphological and syntactical, oriented to the most common situations, the learning of the language is fast and effective.

Certificate and Grade Report

After finishing the course, students receive a certificate of participation . If students take the internal examination at the end of the course then the level reached will be shown in the form of a grade.

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