Intensive Spanish Immersion Courses in Caracas

Our intensive Spanish Immersion Programs will meet any of your academic, professional, commercial or social needs. These programs are designed to help you achieve a full control of Spanish and develop skills you will need to speak, understand, read and write correctly in Spanish. Through immersion programs students are normally able to reach in a few months or even weeks the same level as years of high school or university study

Program Highlights:

  • The various levels of the program: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Superior, will be adjusted to the individual needs for each participant.
  • Each student is evaluated on the first day and is placed in the right level depending on the previous knowledge. A permanent evaluation enable us to determine the achievements and improvements of the student.
  • Small groups, 5 students at the most. Four hours of Spanish language instruction from Monday through Friday for a total of twenty hours a week.
  • Teachers are professionals, selected on their experience, background and professional capacity.
  • Teachers are switched for every class so the students get used to a different accent, tone and ways of speaking.
  • Modern carefully selected support materials are available for free.
  • The cultural and entertaining plan will enhance the learning process. It includes trips to interesting places and a group of activities every week to complement the work in class such as: movies, games, dancing, plays, lectures etc.
  • We will assign an email address for every student while they stays at our classes, to keep in touch with their parents or friends.

Private Spanish Immersion Courses in Caracas, Venezuela

Private classes are the fastest way to learn Spanish you need. Learning Program is adjusted to your needs: 10, 15, 20, 30, or 40 hours of classes every week, during one, two, three, four or as many weeks as you need. After classes, students can also join the group cultural activities that are offered at the school.

Combination: Group + Private Spanish Immersion Courses in Caracas, Venezuela

Mini-group Combo Spanish courses are the perfect combination of instruction in small groups plus the advantages of one-to-one private instruction. You will have 20 group and 10 private one-to-one lessons a week.

Our mini-group classes provide an opportunity for role-play, discussions, meetings and a chance to put grammatical structures to use in conversation with colleagues.

One-to-one private instruction permits students to concentrate on their specific language needs, whether they are grammar, vocabulary, listening, or preparing for an upcoming presentation. Lessons are given at each student's individual learning speed, and thus, are very intensive and effective.

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