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Intensive English (ESL) program offers the most in-depth English study available. This program is for individuals who want to study English in the United States and experience the language and culture first-hand. We offer Long-Term Semester programs and Short-Term ESL courses:

  • Long-term (Semester) Program:

    The Long-term Program is a two to six semester, highly intensive program geared to the student who wants a full English immersion experience. Students from 30 to 40 countries enter this program each semester. After two semesters in the Long-term Program, the student may request a vacation, transfer to a higher level, or request to move into another program.

    Semesters begin in September, January and May of each year. However, this program offers open enrollment, allowing students to begin classes every two weeks. Two semesters are normally required for you to complete all of the skills and competencies to move from Basic to Intermediate, or from Intermediate to the Advanced level of English fluency.

    Students take core classes in grammar, reading, writing, listening, and speaking. For extra learning power, the reading, writing, listening, and speaking classes are combined into one combined integrated skills class. This allows students to apply each aspect to one particular theme, such as business, to allow for greater retention of these topics. Our unique approach to teaching these classes has allowed our students to enjoy rapid comprehension of difficult concepts in the English language.

    Students who enter with, or who attain advanced English ability, may enroll in TOEFL and/or College Preparation classes. Our students have a very high percentage pass rate on the TOEFL and are among the most well-prepared international students in the local universities and colleges. Recently two of our graduates were the only students in their college class to attain an "A" at the end of the term, beating out native English speakers and other international students who came from other ESL programs. We have found this to be typical of our graduates.

  • Short-term Program

    The Short-term Program offers flexibility in studying English by providing class start dates every 2 weeks. This program is similar in content to the Long-term Program and includes 16-20 hours of course work per week. You can customize your experience to last from 2 to 16 weeks, or longer. The Short-term Program easily fits into a busy tourist schedule any time of the year.

    Prior to beginning the course, the student will take a placement test to help determine the level that is most appropriate. Each of these levels is designed to build upon existing knowledge and help facilitate the move to the next level.

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