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Our instructors are experienced and exceptionally well-qualified. Most have master's degrees in English and/or TESL certification, and many also have degrees in education. Most have been teaching English as a second language for five to ten years. In addition, many of our instructors are fluent in another language. Thirteen languages are represented by our staff.

English Language School in Provo, Utah Our school offers small, student-centered language classes. The class size is limited and there are various types of classes for many different levels of students. For a better learning environment, students are divided into appropriate levels. We offer both full and part time classes with convenient schedules.

Click on the link below to review a brief summary of what you can expect from each course:

  • Intensive English
    Intensive English offers the most in-depth English study available. This program is for individuals who want to study English in the United States and experience the language and culture first-hand.

  • Executive English Program
    This program is offered to business executives and government officials interested in a fast and very intensive English immersion experiences.

  • English Adventure Camp
    Our all-inclusive English Adventure Camp program is developed for closed groups of 5 and up. This program is offered to groups of youth ages 12-19, but is flexible enough to allow groups of college students as well.

  • English Tutoring: One-on-One Instruction

    Tutoring is offered on two levels:

    • Students who want the opportunity to work one-on-one with an English-speaking partner may sign up for the free tutoring program. These tutors are normally college students who want the experience of working closely with a non-English speaking person. This type of tutoring is fun and very helpful.

    • Students who want a serious one-on-one experience with a highly skilled professional teacher, may enroll in the professional tutoring program. The tutors in this program are chosen because of their training, vast experience in English instruction, and for their interest and proven track record in working with students.

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