Professional English Programs for Military in San Francisco

Professional English Program for Military in San Francisco is designed to meet the English language requirements of those in the Army, Navy, Air force, Police force and other military operations.

English for Military is offered as one-to-one private Platinum English language Course for Professionals. You can choose a private Platinim course with 15, 20, 25, 30 or 35 one-to-one lessons a week. This course can be combined with mini-group General English and/or Business English Platinum courses. In this case, we recommend a combined Platinum Plus course. You will learn General and/or Business English in mini-group with other executives and professionals and English for Military in private classes (you can choose 1, 2 or 3 one-to-one lessons a day in addition to the group Platininum classes). English for Military is also available as a closed mini-group course for 3 to 5 students arriving together.

Needs analysis
Discussion of course content
Getting to know you activities

Day 2
Telephone Language for the military
The alphabet and spelling

Spelling Practice / Correcting Information
Formal and informal language

Day 3
Lessons 1-2
Describing & asking for a description
Expressing preferences /likes and dislikes

Day 4
War games:
Terrain & geography
Terrain analysis
Using grid references
Describing location and distance

Day 5
Lessons 1-2.
Peace keeping:
Understanding abbreviations for missions
UN peacekeeping in the past and today

2-3.Military organisation
Army units/ranks and formations, modes of address
Role-play practice

3. Describing and defining
Military technology
Units and measurements, vehicle specifications

3. Off-duty socialising
& Eating out
Speaking; role-playing
Colloquial language
Situational Language

3.Film/video on locations for description practice

Adjectives of personality

4.Grammar: /Functional language:
Modes of address
Using ordinal numbers for divisions, brigades and regiments

4.Grammar / Question forms:
How+ adj + is/are?
Why/ when?
Past simple passive

4. Grammar:
Suggesting/ Recommending
Comparatives and superlatives

4. Grammar:
Superlative adjectives
Will for Prediction
& Scheduled events & Briefings

4. Grammar:
Imperatives for instructions & directions
Sequencing for instructions - the language of tact & diplomacy

5.Listening / Speaking
Skills BBC News or

5. Talking about military inventions and gadgets

5. The Internet
Computer Room or
Language Laboratory

Role-playing on Briefing & asking for information and clarification

5.Mines & de-mining
Writing practice:
Steps in a simple SOP
6. Pronunciation Overview 6. Reading and vocabulary 6. Learner - based Internet task / Pronunciation Reading / vocabulary and pronunciation practice 6. British Culture and military customs: discussion
7.Review of day 7 Review of military technology 7.Review of social language 7.Review of war games 7.Review of abbreviations

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